When I said that I can do customisation for you – I really do mean it. I will do my best to make your dream come true and *Gumdrop is probably the no.1 example of this.

My sister wanted a purple bunny with ears that stood up (not down)… I took some time thinking about how to go about this process and well, I must admit making *Gumdrop has taken some time and a lot of thought…

I am so pleased with the end result but must admit I am reluctant to go through that process again and if I am asked, I will have to make some further adjustments.

Some may think *Gumdrops’ ears are too big (don’t listen to them *Gumdrop), but they are in fact the same size as the other bunnies ears I’ve made (just standing up) and well, I think this adds a very special kind of uniqueness to this bunny. I am positive my sister will love *Gumdrop as he is after all one of a kind – just like her.


(a.k.a. Lisa’s bunny)


*Toe cosy

This week I went in to hospital for foot surgery. I have struggled through a foggy cloud from the aftermath of anaesthetic so have not had much opportunity to be creative… However…

We have been pretty lucky with the weather recently, but as September draws to a close, the nights are starting to get a little cooler which poses a small problem for toes which have been left open to the elements with post op dressings (which will later be replaced by a cast in case you were wondering).

I was using one of my hubby’s beanie hats to cover the toes but this wasn’t working as the beanie would not stay put. With the anaesthetic fog slowly lifting I was rummaging around to find an alternative – “what about old socks?” people suggested, but old socks are just not big enough for ‘over-the-cast-cold-toe’ problems.

Hubby has been my super hero. What with the fetching and bringing and doing and making and soothing and just about everything else for me… I thought I might not add to his chores by sending him out into the world to seek out an oversized sock (especially considering his military-in-out in 5 minutes-top approach to shopping, with little to no chance of him browsing around a bit first to find “the one”) so decided to get myself out of my miserable state and have a go at making something to fit over … I’d make a proper ‘toe cosy’.

I’ve used left over yarn from a blanket I made before. It sure works a treat and I can honestly recommend toe cosies to anyone with a foot cast…. Mmm… I wonder if this will be a hit at the fracture clinic – I might just make a few spare to take with when I go to get my cast 😋

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Mom’s Sunshine 💛

So a little different from the Sunshine made before, this little one has been custom made for my mom with Roses and hearts.

Sunshine will be one of a few soft toys travelling with me to South Africa in January. (Bringing Sunshine to SA? That doesn’t sound right! 😀)

If you would like a custom toy – please do get in touch! 

*Gina the Giraffe

Meet *Gina the giraffe… Gina has survived a rather lengthy design process (don’t tell her that  I’m still not entirely sure she’s quite ready – that elusive “something” is missing… or not quite right….) but she has been a very patient giraffe indeed and I think she’s desperate to say hello. She’s had 4 body shapes, 3 ear shapes, she’s had a heart nose a triangle nose, two dots for a nose and no nose at all …her patches have changed several times: different sizes, shapes, materials and yarn colours. She’s had no mane, a long mane and even had a hair cut… Poor ol girl has even been subjected to reviews and (*cringe*) sometimes unsuitable comments for giraffes-in-the-making to be heard as I’ve pondered on the various aspects of her design to my husband “are you sure she doesn’t look like a horse?”…. She sure has been patient and deserves a medal for putting up with her designers constant changes.

Please let me know what you think by leaving feedback on the poll below…

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Gina the Giraffe Gina the Giraffe - side view Gina the Giraffe - back view

*Giraffe – WIP

As promised – an update on my latest project, *Giraffe. So eager to get on, I have found myself being super engrossed, busying myself with making notes (creating the pattern), ripping out rows and redoing them (aka “Frogging” in Crochet world) and of course, rubbing out pencilled notes for rows which have been deleted…. This weekend has whizzed by – I have hardly noticed it!

I’m very excited to show you my progress on *Giraffe…

Obviously Saturday night Giraffe was looking a little like a strange rattle (with eyes) (kinda creepy?)… but by this evening, *Giraffe is looking a little better…

Deep breaths… here we go –

Still got tons to do – Can’t wait to see the completed *Giraffe.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Top Secret! WIP…

This post you wont find on the WIP page – this is a top secret blog post…

If you’ve been to my home you’ll know that I just love giraffes and have several dotted about  in my home… In fact, I even have two very tall wooden giraffes who traveled with me (next to me in fact) on an airplane coming back from South Africa one year!

It’s not surprising that when asked the other day if I’d be able to make a giraffe – I just jumped at the opportunity – why hadn’t I thought of it before? It’s a no brainer – combination of my love for crochet AND making a giraffe!

I decided to have a go at designing a giraffe myself – and have started off with several sketches and ideas… I have no idea how it’s going to turn out (yet) – but I understand amigurumi and that I will need to write down each step I do if I ever want to make another oh, and plus I’m super keen and excited to have a go, I will give it a go and keep you updated… (no doubt)

Here’s a the “final-final” drawings I’ve done (which if you’ve read my Legal stuff page you’ll know may change over the course of this process and land up being the not -so-final-final page) to give you a sneaky peak of what I hope *Giraffe will look like 😉


Giraffe WIP – design stages