*Gina the Giraffe

Meet *Gina the giraffe… Gina has survived a rather lengthy design process (don’t tell her that  I’m still not entirely sure she’s quite ready – that elusive “something” is missing… or not quite right….) but she has been a very patient giraffe indeed and I think she’s desperate to say hello. She’s had 4 body shapes, 3 ear shapes, she’s had a heart nose a triangle nose, two dots for a nose and no nose at all …her patches have changed several times: different sizes, shapes, materials and yarn colours. She’s had no mane, a long mane and even had a hair cut… Poor ol girl has even been subjected to reviews and (*cringe*) sometimes unsuitable comments for giraffes-in-the-making to be heard as I’ve pondered on the various aspects of her design to my husband “are you sure she doesn’t look like a horse?”…. She sure has been patient and deserves a medal for putting up with her designers constant changes.

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Gina the Giraffe Gina the Giraffe - side view Gina the Giraffe - back view

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