When I said that I can do customisation for you – I really do mean it. I will do my best to make your dream come true and *Gumdrop is probably the no.1 example of this.

My sister wanted a purple bunny with ears that stood up (not down)… I took some time thinking about how to go about this process and well, I must admit making *Gumdrop has taken some time and a lot of thought…

I am so pleased with the end result but must admit I am reluctant to go through that process again and if I am asked, I will have to make some further adjustments.

Some may think *Gumdrops’ ears are too big (don’t listen to them *Gumdrop), but they are in fact the same size as the other bunnies ears I’ve made (just standing up) and well, I think this adds a very special kind of uniqueness to this bunny. I am positive my sister will love *Gumdrop as he is after all one of a kind – just like her.


(a.k.a. Lisa’s bunny)


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