May’s Daisy Blanket

I’m so pleased with the outcome of May’s Daisy blanket. I’m so excited and cannot wait for Christmas! (as most of you will know this is not unusual for me… but I’m even more so now!). I love giving gifts especially handmade gifts… it’s the most exciting part of Christmas for me. Seeing the recipients’ faces when they open a parcel and find that the gift was made especially for them. I’ve never had a bad reaction to my gifts (well not that I know of – feel free to correct me) and I just love the fuzzy ‘proud of me’ feeling it generates… go on… you should have a go and make something for someone special this Christmas too.

At 90 years old, May spends a lot of her day watching sport and other favourite shows on the TV and I’m fairly certain this blanket will be a warm and welcome companion on her lap.

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in colours Sunshine, White, Soft Green, Robins Egg and Soft Blue. I had wanted to use an off white (as Tillie Tulip used) which looked a bit like a soft grey or a silver, but the off white yarn I received looked more yellow than silver and so I used a soft blue instead.

I’ve got plenty of Caron Simply Soft yarn left over (especially the Off White which I didn’t use) so I may make another blanket or two ☺️. The great thing about making blankets is you can make a blanket as big or as small as you like – just by adding more squares! May’s blanket is 6×5 squares (30 in total). 🌼

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