*Coin Purses galore…

I’m so glad to show you a few more completed purses on the eve of a momentous occasion – my cast comes off tomorrow! Hooray!  I am really enjoying making these and the ideas for pretty purses are flowing in thick and fast 😍

In order of completion please find my latest creations all of whom will be found on my Etsy Shop shortly…

Strawberry and cream

Forever Spring garden

Cherry Blossom

Excluding Mays birthday purchase, don’t you think the purses made so far look adorable together?

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog – have a super week 💐

6 thoughts on “*Coin Purses galore…

  1. Sira says:

    Estoy enamorada de los monederos que tejes con tanto cariño. No soy muy experta, pero te agradeceria me facilitaras el patrón del “forever spring garden”
    es precioso y me gustaria tejerlo para regalar a una amiga.

    Gracias por tu blog



    • Nina says:

      Hi Sira, Thank you for the message and really appreciate your interest. I made the purses using my own pattern and have not shared the pattern as I sell the purses I make as unique one of a kind made gifts. I hope you understand. All the best, Nina x


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