Pink with White Rose *Coin Purse – WIP

Following all the Christmas creations I feel less pressured to complete works to a deadline and have started getting back to all those “ideas” I had. One of which is a light pink purse, with a spray of White Roses. I will be doing some bead work on this one and looking forward to see the finished product (so that I can get onto the next one)…

Pink with White Rose *Coin purse - WIP

Rose *Coin Purse

The recipient of this *coin purse is very much loved and I know she will be reading this blog  post. I want her to know that I think of her often and am too very grateful to have you in my life. Faced with some pretty ‘bad luck’ this year, I wanted to send a little pouch of good wishes,  filled to the brim with big hugs and many hopes that 2017 has a turn around for the better.

Much love to you Fran xx


Blue *Giraffe

Wishing all my blog readers a Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve all had a magical day filled with love and laughter! 

I’ve been so excited to share with you the handmade creations that has kept me busy over the last month, so please  forgive me if it seems the upcoming posts appear ‘behind the times’,  I have been saving these for ‘post Christmas reveals’ to avoid ruining Christmas gift surprises. Who better to start off with than Blue *Giraffe – (aka Hugo) whom you saw WIP posts for but not the finished article.

Blue *giraffe was especially made for and requested by a loving Grandmother for her new grandson, Hugo. On the 26th November 2016 (a month ago today) this little fellow, finally finished, began his epic journey travelling to half way across the world from Guernsey to Australia. With the wonders of technology these days I was able to track his journey from my local post office, via the U.K. Postal Airport with the sporty ‘passed customs’; ‘loading on gate 4’; ‘enroute to Australia’ notifications… I imagined him sat in first class sipping on some blueberry champagne, on the lookout through the windows for his new home…

He landed up with the cutest expression (don’t you think?) a sporty buzz cut and a cheeky medley of fabric star patches. I think he will melt anyone’s heart. He has a heart with ‘Hugo’ embroidered (by me) and little tiny star buttons sewn on. This blue *Giraffe  is going to be a fantastic companion to Hugo and with a little luck, the best imaginary friend he will have. I wish him all the best and much love in his adventures with Hugo and hope he brings many a cuddle, laughter and plenty a shoulder to cry on for the new baby boy. ❤️

Peacock feather *coin purse

Well of course I made purses as Christmas gifts this year!  🎄 No surprise there! So here’s the second “post-Christmas-reveal” post of one of the purses given as a gift this year.

Peacock’s are known for their beauty and grace. They symbolise a large range of things across the various religions, but astonishingly all appropriate for the recipient of this purse and my wishes for her and acknowledgement of her personality traits:-  renewal, wisdom, beauty, prosperity, benevolence, patients, kindness, compassion, luck and humanity. ❤️

I loved making this purse, used a pattern for the feather which I purchased online and decorated with an embroidery swirl with beads and a crystal tear bead hanging from its clasp.

Christmas past 🎄

This evening as I’m finishing off my Christmas gift crafts I’m remembering all the crafty projects over the years that I’ve made. Many without a photo but the memories are there nonetheless, the decorations made hanging and the gifts given all remembered fondly.

Hand made items are so personal and when a lot of love and thought goes into making them it is very hard not to forget them – even if given away and no longer in your sight. Equally, recipients of hand made gifts are often stuck with the items for life – whether they like it or not – just because it serves as a constant reminder of a very thoughtful individual. When you spend hours, days weeks or months working on an object, every thought and feeling remains in your heart and you too as a creator will always remember your creation.

Making handmade items is my passion, has become my obsession and has been my salvation/ sanity on many a time. A little bit of me is in every piece made, but every piece made has also burrowed itself deep into my heart. Being creative has helped me through many many difficult times and kept me focussed on creating something beautiful out of dark periods. 

Here’s to all the crafters out there (which includes EVERYONE ’cause anyone can be creative!) a job well done and keep up the good work – and if you’ve not been tempted already.. go on.. have a go… make being creative a goal for everyday in 2017!

 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of crafty cheer and a Happy New Year filled with ideas and crafts for a lifetime…

Little Harvey *Bunny

I’m very pleased to introduce you to Little Harvey *Bunny. The little fellow was a custom order and is going to a special baby boy.

 I must admit (showing my age), I did not know who the famous ‘Harvey the Bunny’ was! At first I Google-searched images to understand what I was being commissioned to do and I was faced with some pretty scary looking bunnies indeed… I knew that couldn’t be right! Speaking with J, he went on to tell me there is no such thing as a ‘Harvey bunny’ and after some confusion on my part, he eventually told me the background story:-  “Harvey” a 1950 comedy -drama is now on my “must see” list and is about a man and an imagenary rabbit. 

This real Harvey has been made with the softest white yarn, with blue accents of a blue bow tie and a hand sewn “baby boy” fabric ear lining. He has a heart embroidered with his name  on and little blue stars.

I’ll be posting updates on my Christmas orders as soon as I am able to – watch this space 🙂

Pink ‘n Black *Coin Purse with butterfly

I can’t believe we have such little time left until Christmas!! I have got to get a move on with my Christmas gifts, running seriously behind schedule and still struggling to think of ideas for J. However, I’ve managed to finish another purse (which I’m sure J won’t want), which I’m allowed to share with you as it is not part of any order destined to live wrapped up under a tree for a while waiting to be opened. I’ve got so many ideas for purses – just very little time to keep up with the creating of them 🙂

I’ve made this *Coin purse with the glamour of Christmas parties in mind where one would only require a small purse. The finished purse measures approx 4 inches tall by 5 inches wide, has a heart clip frame and a bronze ‘made with love’ charm. Decorated with a pink crochet butterfly and an inner lining with a complimentary design.  All my *coin purses are made and stitched by hand.

If you are interested in this or any other item I have made, please visit my Etsy shop for the available stock on hand. I am unfortunately not taking anymore orders for Christmas delivery, but will happily take orders for the New Year here.

Please remember to pop by after Christmas for a view of the works I’ve made for Christmas gifts which I’ve been unable to show off now 🙂

Watermelon *Coin Purse 🍉 

I finished this cutie late last night whilst watching my favorite TV series ‘The Gilmore Girls’. As mentioned in my previous post (‘Tis the Season to be Busy ) this purse was inspired by my homesickness and longing for a normal hot Christmas 😋

The finished purse measures approx 4 inches tall by 5 inches wide, has a silver frame and a silver ‘made with love’ charm. Decorated with embroidered seeds and clear beads (representing water drops) and an inner lining with a fruit design (Riley Blake fabric). All my *coin purses are made by hand and stitched by hand.

The purse will be available to purchase online via my Etsy Shop.