Blue Cherry Blossom *Coin Purse

Inspired by beautiful oriental fabrics seen on my visit to NewYork (of all places) at the annual Japanese ‘Sakura Matsuri 2016’ in Brooklyn botanical gardens last year, I decided to make the Cherry Blossom purses. Firstly in pink as you will have seen in previous posts Pink Cherry Blossom *Coin Purse and also *Coin Purses galore….

I’ve had a few people ask “So what purse have you made for yourself then?” to which I can honestly say “Every single one”… every time I make a new purse I promise myself  “this one is for you Nina” but then I discover the next project is quite gorgeous and I’d probably keep that one instead. This instance is no different.

I started the blue purse whilst on holiday and finished it during this last week. I’m in love with it… even more so than the pink one I made before… but, I also have two other purse WIP’s that are coming along just beautifully too…

And so my dilemma continues…




10 thoughts on “Blue Cherry Blossom *Coin Purse

  1. Fran says:

    So, your “labour of love” continues….each purse more lovely than the one before! (Except for mine, of course….!) Your Japanese inspired ones are very beautiful …. really couldn’t choose between the colours. As always, so perfectly done; look after those artistic fingers of yours!

    The Somerset Connection. X

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