Sally’s Birthday *Coin Purse

I made this purse for my friend Sally using yarn I bought in South Africa.  Her birthday party was fabulous. We were invited to dress up as a person we’d love to be. She dressed as Audrey Hepburn (and looked stunning – why didn’t I think of that). Her husband was Tin Tin – he even had little Snowy by his side. I dressed as Lara Croft and J as Magum P.I. It was great fun and I loved that everyone jumped into the spirit of it and that there were so many characters at the party. The karaoke turned out to be a very good idea, with everyone having had a song to sing and of course the singing just got better and better as the home made strawberry daiquiris were emptied. 

The purse turned out a hit at the party and I have had several requests for purses. I cannot tell you how great it feels to hear such positive feedback. A massive confidence booster for sure! I think I may need to consider investing in some ‘business cards’ for occasions such as these though 😋.

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