Owl be there for you *Card Purse

Making the Owl be there for you *Card Purse has been so exciting. I had seen a pattern on Pinterest for an owl motif quite some time ago and I had in mind that I might make my Mom an owl purse (she LOVES owls) but wasn’t really sure how to bring my idea to life.

The *Coin purses are a little smaller than this new shape to fit credit cards which makes things a little tricky when it comes to making motifs or designing magical scenes.

I’ve had my sister on my mind recently as she’s preparing for big life events and for some reason amongst all the mixed emotions, strangely,  I recall a pair of pyjama’s she has with the “Owl be there for you” slogan on it.  I suppose I’ve named this purse as a big sister extending the sentiment to her and looking at the purse the imagery is there too 🙂

All the owl references popping up combined with finding the last dregs of a fabric roll (with owl print on it- yay!) at a local craft shop – it was destiny and a ‘no brainer’. The doors have been opened to creating the hugging owl scene I had in mind.

I’ve used embroidery thread to stitch the tree branch and leaves. The owls are made with cotton and just to finish it off, I’ve added an owl button on the back 🙂


Yellow Rainbow Heart *Card Purse

This week has been a little strange. Hubby and I both not feeling 100% (although his chesty cough seems to have exploded into something far worse leaving him tied to the bed only rising occasionally for a cup of tea). It has also been his birthday this week – poor soul. No one deserves a birthday feeling miserable. The weather hasn’t helped much either. Deceptively sunny and bright from inside looking out, but step out of the front door and you’d better have had a cardigan with you. So much for Spring indeed!

I’ve made two purses this week and the Yellow Rainbow Heart *Card Purse being the first. I think you can tell that I was desperate to make the early part of the week a little more colourful and cheerful. For my Etsy shop visitors, I think you will recognise this purse in its *coin purse version. I suppose it’ll be hard to choose now that I have put a discount on the coin purse version … To buy it or this one to fit your credit cards … I am so sorry to do this to you 🙂

The next purse I made shall be revealed on my next post – something new – another design that’s been in the back of my mind for a long time.

Have a lovely Saturday evening  folk 🙂



Seahorse *Card Purse

I was contacted last week with a request for a card purse. If it could please have a seahorse on it and the preferred colour would be green.

I’ve never crocheted a seahorse but immediately my crafty senses were zinging with ideas. Challenge accepted ✔️ At first I was going to make the seahorse using a colorful beadwork assortment. Although it looked great on paper it just didn’t look the part on the crocheted purse. I decided the purse needed a crocheted seahorse and so I searched the world wide web for patterns:- I found this one. Whilst it is in graph form only which I’m not really too keen on (especially when working on projects after a days work – who wants to figure out what to do on a graph pattern?), I pushed on and finished the seahorse. I actually finished several. But no matter which yarn or hook I used the seahorse was way too big for the side of a *card purse. With perseverance and a little tweaking I fortunately, eventually managed to make a seahorse the perfect size! It was a tough challenge, but I am now so pleased how it turned out. 😍

Finished off with water bubbles and soft contrasting beading on the seahorse and a few seashell buttons on the back, makes this a rather special handbag accessory. I managed to also source some seahorse fabric for the inside lining -the icing on the cake for this sweet aquatic purse. 🙂

Granny Square 70’s top

I finished this top for myself in July 2016. The weather is getting better by the day here and I was hoping to take it out for wearing. Only problem it seems is that the lovely Mr Weatherman (who has now been fired by the way) told us over the TV today that the coming week will be pretty cold. Compared with the temperatures in the beginning of April, next week is looking to be more Autumnal – so much for Spring!

Being a 70’s child I just love the granny square and of course all colors. I’m pretty much a rainbow girl through and through. I came across this  pattern  on Etsy and fell in love – I just HAD to make this top for myself.

Unfortunately the pattern is not very clear regarding finish instructions. I just assumed that you’d have to make two panels for the front and back because the pattern abruptly finishes after making enough Granny Squares for the one side only. I must also warn you that if (like me) you are a little larger than the average teenage girl of about 9-14 years old, this top does need to be extended because it is a very small fit and not quite the “one size fits all” version they’ve shown on the pattern. Either that, or the women in the 70’s were miniatures. And lastly, if you are contemplating making the top for yourself – please be warned – you’ll need a LOT of yarn which means that it worked out quite costly to make.

I love making clothes for myself and feel quite proud wearing my works. Do you make clothes for yourself and if so do you wear them?

Butterbrickle *Card Purse

Butterbrickle *Card Purse – doesn’t that name sound awesome? I was thinking of calling it “Peppermint Crisp” *Card Purse, however, looking at the name of the yarn (for future reference) I just loved how the word “Butterbrickle” sounded and rolled off the tongue .. a new word to me… I just had to use it for the purse. Soft caramels and beiges, mixed with wisps of sea greens and blues… a very sweet combination!

Turns out, on research Butter Brickle was actually an ice cream flavour originally made in the 1920’s in Nebraska. Later in the 70’s, a famous American candy bar maker bought the rights to the Butter Brickle flavouring and so the “Heath Bits ‘o Brickle Toffee Bits” bar was born. I’ve never heard of this before and sure would love to find a tub of the ice cream 🙂

I only had one ball of this yarn, unfortunately. I bought the yarn on my recent trip to South Africa. I was told by the owner of the shop that the yarn has been discontinued so I would not be able to find another of the same kind. This purse is therefore also only one of a kind unless of course, I find a supplier of similar colour mix or if you know of anyone with a stash of “Elle Premier Natural Cotton DK” I’d be happy to do a trade.

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope your weekends have been filled with family fun!


Raspberry Ripple *Card Purse

As mentioned in my recent post Sally’s Birthday *Coin Purse and Raspberry Ripple *Coin Purse I had received quite a lot of interest from the ladies at the party about the *Coin purse I made for my friend her for her birthday. Following the trend, I’ve also now made a *card purse version of this.

I’ve left it fairly plain as I felt the pattern created by this yarn was quite interesting but if you were interested in the purse and wanted additional beads/ embellishments – I’m very happy to accommodate 🙂

This purse is small enough to fit in your hand, has ample room for coins, lipsticks and plenty credit cards.

Here’s what the card and coin purses look like side by side so that you can see the differences:-

Lisa’s Blanket a year on…

While working on a project, I’m not sure if its just in my case, but I find it funny how one thinks back to previous projects made, trying to compare the times it took to make the previous and compare it with your current WIP. I’m constantly trying to compare and often hear myself asking “How long did that take again?”… It’s never easy being in that position (especially if you receive a reply from other voices in your head 🤣)  but joking aside – the “so excited to see the finished product” feeling that spurs you on combined with the thoughts of “what a monstrous task! What was I thinking? It’ll never finish” conflicts in your mind and is a strange phenomenon…

Then you eventually get to the end – the last stitch and suddenly you think – “was that it? It cant be finished?”. Never a truer time than with Lisa’s blanket. I LOVED making this blanket and was sad when I’d finished. Mind you, making this blanket was very emotional for me and a lot of love was poured into this work so the emotions were running pretty high by the time the last stitch was made.💕

As people close to me will know, my sister was not well. She lives a long way away from me and I miss her dearly. It’s even harder being away from those you love when they are facing very challenging situations and are hurting. I wished so to wrap her up in my arms and just give her a big ‘ol hug. Sadly, again this year, she is facing more tough times and I’m instantly drawn back to the blanket and thoughts (again) of “what can I do to help?”…

I designed the blanket myself using pens & pencils in a paper notebook that I keep all my “Made by Nina” patterns in. (My scribbles and my working out’s). I went in search of and found a pattern for a heart shape Granny square on Ravelry which would be the basis of my design and it just so happened that I loved the colors used on the heart square pattern and so decided I would make Lisa’s blanket using similar colors, mix it up with other shapes and mixture of the same basic colors.  I knew how to do a basic Granny Square and now had the heart pattern, but the other shapes I had to make up myself. I quite enjoyed designing new square shapes for myself and made a floral and diamond shape too. I also found a “swirly shape” Granny, but once I made one, I decided would not suit the style I was trying to achieve.

In the notebook, I played around a bit with the Granny Square shapes and how they would fit together. My notebook soon became pages worth of blanket designs. In the end I worked out a way to scatter the shapes equally across the blanket. To explain how it was “structured” if you can’t see it in the photo’s:-  looking at the blanket as a whole split it through the center into quarters. The top left quarter, is the exact opposite of the bottom right quarter and the same for the top right quarter -> lower left.

I loved how this design turned out – on paper it looks like the squares are randomly placed, but in fact they are strategically placed – because I’m a control freak like that ha-ha 😂 – to spread the love equally across the whole blanket.

I divided the amount of squares I needed by the amount of shapes I had and then also had to work out the color variations to try make each round of each of the squares in a different color. Obviously some had to overlap on color variations, so I landed up with 3 or 4 of the same color squares here and there. I calculated how many of each square I needed and I even managed to calculate (pretty accurately in hindsight) how much yarn to purchase.

I didn’t tell my sister about the blanket. Kept it a secret and every time I spoke with her I would give the square I was working on a hug whilst also trying to pass a hug to her over the phone. Each square eventually became such a part of me and received so many, many positive thoughts and love for her all of which was poured into each stitch.

After making all the squares, I put them on the dining room floor (as you do when you’re stuck for large areas to work on a blanket design). I put them in the order I had on my plan, adjusting the squares by the colors so that for example, all 4 of the same color/shape Granny Square would not be in the same quarter / too close to each other and also that the overall “flow” of color was more pleasing.

I researched borders in my crochet pattern books and looked on websites with free border patterns. As with everything else on this blanket design, I took the ideas that I found and just let it run into something of my own and made up a completely unique ‘Nina’ border.

Once the final stitch was stitched and the last remaining yarn ends darned, I was quite emotional to say the least.

She visited me in June 2016 and I gave her the finished blanket and explained that it was filled with lots of love and the biggest hugs from me to her and that whenever she felt down or hurt that all she need do is to wrap herself in the blanket and know that she is loved, especially by me. ❤️

Here’s quite a few photo’s for you to peruse.. start to fin:



Lisa's *Blanket - the border


Lisa's *Blanket -finished

Forget-Me-Not *Card Purse

Unforgettable Forget-Me-Not Purse

This week has been a crazy mixture of events. I got a new laptop (YAY – it works without being plugged in (shock) and doesn’t sound like an airplane taking off. I did the first run I’ve had in 2 years (admittedly spluttering and gasping for air – not quite the fit athlete I was 2 years ago before the bi-lateral foot reconstructions), entertained a young visitor to the house, a new baby was born to a lovely couple, I helped a friend who was in a crisis. Life is full of surprises.

I am fortunate enough to have quite a few people in my life, most of whom (even if I really wanted to), I cannot forget. I don’t mean that statement to sound rude… there are some people in everyone’s life you’d rather not have shared a lasting memory with, but more importantly, those that you cannot be thankful enough for their appearance in your life. I value each of these people for ALL the lessons I have learnt. A lasting impression. Without these “Unforgettable’s”, I would not be who I am today.

As a gift, the Forget-Me-Not flower is often given as a gift of remembrance. One the best known legends of how it got its name, is of a knight, walking alongside a riverbank with his beloved. As they walked, he slipped into the river and was unable to get out from the weight of his armour. As she was trying to help him out, he handed her a small bouquet of blue flowers from the waters edge and whispered “forget me not” before slipping away in the rivers fierce torrents.

If you were thinking of a gift for someone unforgettable in your life, this purse would be ideal. The little bloom is quite pretty and may equally just be there to help the forgetful type to remember to pack ‘x,y,z’.

This purse – fits credit cards and is available in my shop.

Custom order – Three *Card purses

The journey of creating big(ger) purses

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I’ve had a couple of people mention that I’d might want to think about purses which could hold credit cards. In these ‘modern times’ (I’m told), more plastic is held in purses than actual coins / cash. TBH, I had thought about conducting a bit of market research but I stashed it away in the back of my mind as an item for review, later on… little did I know… 😝

I was just getting into the making of my Mystical Blanket. I nearly completed one strip of lanterns when I had a message – a custom order for 3 purses. Although she loved the coin purses as they were, she wondered if I could alter them in some way to fit a credit card or two inside. Challenge Accepted….

I decided to hall out that idea in the back of my mind, shake it out and dust it off. My first thoughts were of trying to lengthen the current purse shape (to store credit cards in portrait orientation). I thought of making a *coin purse but with a little larger circumference (same “fishbowl” / cauldron shape). This way it can store credit cards in landscape orientation. Both would still have plenty of room for lipsticks, coins and the all important credit cards.

I showed her a few photos of the two shapes made – probably not very good to judge on a photo, but I wanted to keep her involved and updated her with my progress. My client was happy with the longer shape of the updated *Blue Cherry Blossom purse, but she preferred the larger “fishbowl” shape of the *Yellow Cherry Blossom and so decided she wanted the third in this same shape.

As I’ve been working I’ve been thinking of what I’d change for the next. Both yellow and blue purses have had several frogging sessions (those of you who do not know – frogging is simply the crochet worlds’ way of saying “pull out”). I concentrated on finishing the longer blue (first) and fishbowl yellow purse (second) before I’d embark on the third to make sure I’d ironed out any design elements which bugged me and for my client to approve on the shapes she preferred.

As they are ultimately being ‘designed as I work’, I suppose it still could be considered a bit of a WIP (Work In Progress). I’d love to have your thoughts on the new designs and please take a moment to complete my survey below.

UPDATE:-  Please see below completed works – I’m so excited and I’m very pleased that my client is as excited to receive them 😉

Please don’t forget to take part in my survey… thank you 😘

Blue Cherry Blossom *Card Purse (completed)

Yellow Cherry Blossom *Card Purse  (completed)

Forever Spring Garden *Card Purse (completed)