Keeping it simple


Sweet ‘n Simple

Apologies to my fellow bloggers for the quietness on the WordPress news feed lately. I have been rather unwell with sinusitis and not had much of a chance to do anything except being cemented to my pillow. Prior to the sinusitis, I had made a couple of purses which I have not been able to share with you as yet. I was aiming for a “simplified” approach to add a less expensive line to my current offers for my buyers.

First the Strawberry ‘n Cream *Card purse using two shades of pink, a strawberry fabric lining (which if I took out could also reduce costs even more I suppose) and a simple crocheted strawberry motif.

The second, also using two shades of a colour, the Blue Cherry *Card Purse also with a pretty hand sewn inner lining and crocheted Cherry motif.

Both, of course will hold coins and the all important credit cards.

Both perfectly simple ‘n sweet and a little bit Summery. ☀️🍒🍓

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for visiting 🙂


4 thoughts on “Keeping it simple

  1. madebyninafairy says:

    Hi Tami! I’m nearly over the hump, thank you!y head at least doesn’t feel like a lead brick anymore, but I do still have a nasal thing going on (tmi)… thanks for the feedback on the purses 😊 I was worried that ‘going simple’ might take away some of the ‘special’… but I do need to find a way of balancing my time vs what is reasonable. It’s a learning curve I suppose 😊


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