Two *Card Pouches

So this week has been filled with lunches with friends, running, spring cleaning and great excitement for me – the arrival of a fitness watch to track my steps, stress, sleep heart rate and even stairs I’ve climbed. The watch has proved useful in that it reminds me to “move” if I’ve sat for too long… although I’m not entirely sure how long that will remain disabled when I’m engrossed with orders 😊

I’ve had two custom orders this week from two different people for two unique items. I’ll be sharing the post about the one a little later, but thought I’d update you on the progress of the *Card pouch order I had.

I’ve finished both the “Summery” and the “Wintery” *Card Pouches. If you haven’t seen the previous post about the watermelon pouch, read it here.

The “Wintery” *Card Pouch is in Silver and has pearlised beads and a floral inner lining. Perfect for storing credit cards and notes on a night out when a sleeker pouch is called for instead of keeping the cards loose in your evening purse.

PS – how do you like my nails? I painted them myself and am very chuffed that I didn’t go over the edges (for a change 😊)

Thanks for stopping by 😀


3 thoughts on “Two *Card Pouches

  1. Isabella Le Tocq says:

    hI N I a. Great work The pouches are lovely and so original. Well done YouHope this arrives o k don’t be doing too much work. I mean housework see you’re new items sometime keep well and happy with Dear Jeremy l love to you both xxxxx🌞🌞

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