Cup Cozy’s

Over the Winter months it became a bit of a habit… Coffee from my favourite coffee bar. It started out slowly.. “I’ll just have the one”… and pretty soon it was morning, afternoon and night. I landed up getting myself one of those coffee mugs which will in some way save the planet from all the card cups. But I still found the mugs too hot to hold and did not like the feel of the silicone sleeve adorned on my mug.

I love yarn. I love tea. And at the time, I loved coffee VERY much. (I still do love coffee but have had to ween myself off the caffeine for my running – but that’s another story). I crocheted myself a cup cozy to hold my mug as I sipped in mouthfuls of the heavenly drink. I soon realized, there must be others out there who felt the same and so set about making… well… quite a few!

Christmas time was great fun! I started recognizing the cosy’s that I made on the High Street which made me feel so proud. I had made every cozy ’til then totally random and each one was unique. Preparing for Christmas though, I used 3 basic designs and made a few of each – because I’m quite sure there would be more than one person wanting a Santa Belly Crochet Cup cozy.

All this talk of coffee… I think I might just go make myself a cup.

Take Care


Tea Anyone?

Cast your mind back to 23 March 2020… that’s when Boris Johnson initialized a lockdown in the UK in response to the COVD-19 pandemic. In Guernsey, we hadn’t quite hit that stage (although we would do the following day) but we had already started with procedures of our own form of defense against the virus (as directed by our leaders) such as closing 1:1 businesses like bars and restaurants; taking turns to work in the offices vs home to reduce the numbers in one place at a time; sanitizing everything that looked like it’d been touched… I’m sure you’ll remember the drill…

In the weeks preceding, small businesses were preparing for a full lockdown too and it was very important (and still is) that we as a community try look after our small businesses.

I decided to go show some support at my favorite small business of all time Iris and Dora and purchased myself a pottery mug to make. I was sitting in the store working on my mug, listening to everyone’s conversations:- what was going to happen; how would a lockdown affect us; what was it going to do to small businesses; how long did we all think it was going to last; etc etc… it was pretty surreal and slightly nerving.

The start at Iris and Dora

I didn’t get to finish the mug that first day (too much chatting with those in the shop 😊) and then as I mentioned, Guernsey went into Lockdown, so Denyse sent me home with the mug, paints and brushes to complete it on my own as I wasn’t sure when I’d be allowed back.

Setting up a working space at home 🏡

Over the next few days I had progressed with the mug and finally finished – it was ready to be fired. But in lockdown, I didn’t feel right to be dropping my mug off to the lovely folks at Iris and Dora just yet as I didn’t feel it was an ‘essential’ outing and so hung onto it in its ‘raw’, freshly painted state just for a wee while until Guernsey lockdown would relax a little.


I love pottery painting almost as much as I love crochet. And I love crochet almost as much as I love tea. My mug needed to be crocheted if I didn’t want it to be mistaken for someone else’s. So I decided to paint myself a granny square design on my mug. Hopefully this will avoid any doubt at the office that this is mine. 😂

By the way… Are you a tea cup or tea mug person? I love either but tend to drift to mugs for the larger quantities of the beverage these days 😝

I collected the completed mug earlier this week and have been using it at home. I LOVE this mug – thank you so much Iris and Dora! I’m constantly thinking of you and hope that you will all be ok through this difficult time and cannot wait to get back for some more painting…

PS… Iris and Dora do home deliveries of pottery painting kits (for those in Guernsey) if you’d like to try your hand at some pottery painting during this time and help support local businesses.

Take care everyone! Stay safe!