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Shortly after my *Coin Purses galore… post I was contacted and have several orders for purses (thank you). Only two ready made purses left on the Etsy Shop if you were interested.  Having been tied to the sofa for 7 weeks, I was so grateful for J taking me out to the craft shop, I got some fresh supplies beads, fabrics yarns bits n bobs and I’m really keen to get going – I loved walking through the craft supplies so many ideas popping, if it wasn’t for my foot throbbing I could’ve stayed  there the whole day!

So far I have completed a second *Forever Spring Garden Coin purse and started on a second *Green floral Coin purse

 I have also had a rather special request for a little something that is going to be travelling a VERY very far away… I think it’ll be better to not mention where or who it is for 🙂 This time of the year is always a little tricky I’d say!

Blue Giraffe - WIP

Inspired by a Vickithecraftaholic’s beautiful pillows post I also took out the extra squares I made from the Harmony blanket and have decided to make a pillow with them… I’m still undecided if I should keep the cushion or give it as a Christmas gift… after all – I’ve already got the Harmony blanket!

Harmony Pillow - WIP

Going back to work this week has meant I have had a few projects unfinished … erm… in progress… but my red moon boot hasn’t had a look at yet, I’m struggling with working out how to “pretty up” the boot… I’m quite sure I wont have that many stares in public if I could just work out how to integrate it into the normal world… maybe a bit of crochet would help… ?

Red Moon Boot

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