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Hi there. Are you OK? In today’s crazy world it’s important to catch up with your friends and family, check in, stay at home and stay safe.

I realize I haven’t written a blog post since September (!) which makes it almost impossible to catch up on ALL the things I’ve been up to since then in one go. If you’re not following me on Instagram or on Facebook you won’t have seen what I’ve been up to. Click the links if you do want to stay up to date with the ‘everyday’ posts I do there.

My time got rather swallowed up by running once I started training for the London Landmarks Half marathon, but I assure you I’ve still been making things!

To catch you up on the past 6months I think I’ll need to start with sharing the most recent works I’ve been doing, because most of this has been “Clovid-19” focused which is obviously a big topic at the moment and I’ll return later with some more bits ‘n pieces I’ve been making post September.

I was asked by several people if I was getting involved with making “mask extenders” for the healthcarers on the island and I was tagged on a message calling for mask extender makers / buttons / yarn. A mask extender, if you were wondering is a device used to ease the tension of elastic bands or ties found on face masks. Instead of tying the bands at the back of the head the ends are tied around a button on each side of the extension.

The “call” for extenders…

I contacted a friend who is a nurse. I really wasn’t sure exactly how “useful” these extenders could be and really didn’t want to make tons if they were not going to be used; were not appropriate for them or didn’t work. She was delighted to hear that I was considering making them and asked for a batch for her and her colleagues. In total over the last few weeks, I landed up making 103. I used all the buttons I had and a lot of the cotton yarn I was keeping for purses and managed to get a whole assortment of colours and buttons which I hoped would (if nothing else) bring a smile to those who are in the front line so to say. I sent a batch to several care homes and even to a nurse in the UK who asked for them too. I used my “exercise allowance” to drop these off where I could by either running to or walking to drop off points.

So here are the photos of well.. most of the ones I made.

I’ve been “lucky” living in Guernsey during this lockdown. Unlike a lot of countries in the world, we’ve been allowed out for “solo” exercising which means that I’m still going out for runs every other day. Unfortunately the London Landmarks Half marathon has been postponed and because I’ve not wanted to over exert myself (which lowers you immune system) I have been going for shorter runs than those I was doing in my training before the lockdown. Out and about I’ve taken tons of photos to share with friends and families stuck indoors. In the early days of the lockdown I was so impressed with the rainbow drawings on just about every home, made by the young people of Guernsey. It inspired me to make my own. And this is it:-

Last… but not least, a little superhero in today’s world. This little nurse dolly is just the cutest thing ever. I’ve made her for a friend who is also a nurse. She fits in my hand, has just the sweetest eyes (with eyelashes to die for) and gorgeous long hair! She is the spitting image of my friend… except for the “fitting in my hand” bit. I got the pattern for this dolly from Little Yarn tales. It is very easy to follow and the dolly was a delight to make.

’til the next time we meet … stay home… take care and stay safe


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