A special occasion

As you may know, my sister is in hospital following her umpteenth operation. She has a fever but otherwise is doing well. Thanks for all the encouraging messages and the offers of sending flowers – contact me for details if you still want to do that.

I’m running an event in my shop from now until 1 July 2017:- All proceeds made in this time I will be giving to Lisa whether that’s to help out with medical bills or if she wants to use her time in hospital to plan something nice to look forward to or even if it’s just to have some spare cash to buy herself anything her heart desires.

If you haven’t visited my shop yet, please do take a look at what’s on offer, you may just have bought your first Christmas gift of the year! 😊

For South Africa deliveries: I’ve updated SA post to £0.00, provided you can wait for delivery when I visit Pretoria in August please.

Click here to access my shop or follow the button on the bottom of the page.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


Blogger Recognition Award nomination

Blogger Recognition Award 2017

I’m so honored to have received my very first blog award nomination.  Thank you so much for the nomination, Tami (Tanglewood knots ).

The rules for the award are:-

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

The reason behind it all

I was having a terrible time. I’ll try not go into all of what was going on – you’d be shocked, but everything in my life seemed impossible and trying to believe the things that were happening around me was really happening, was truly a hard task. It felt as though everything that could possibly go wrong was going wrong and in the worst way ever. I was finding it difficult to take on anymore  bad news, yet it kept coming and I was struggling. I was not finding joy in anything and my crafts had taken a back seat to the life events. I went to see a therapist to help come to terms with all that was thrown my way. After a few sessions with her, she suggested setting up an online shop / website of some sort to sell my hand crafts. She explained the benefits of being creative and encouraged me to pursue a creative escape at least once a day. She felt that rather than always giving my hand made works away to others that it would be good to try sell my works, not necessarily for money (or a lot of it), but to help me improve my confidence and self belief by getting something “back”, for me. She explained that I was giving myself away in so many ways but not really looking after me. Initially I only had my Etsy shop. I was so surprised to have had such a lovely response to the toys I was making and found that every order received boosted my confidence just a little bit more. After a couple of sales I went on to set up the blog, which with a little research on ‘how to attract customers’ I found that I needed to generate (according to those in the know) a better ‘online presence’… to ‘make myself/ my shop known’ in the mystical World Wide Web. I’m still learning and there are many things I still do not know about this blogging thing, but my intentions are to keep the blog as a ‘showcase’ of the things I’ve made, the WIP’s which you’re likely to see in my shop at some point (with a story about how this came about) and possibly provide insight into future projects. A sort of resume I’d suppose. I work full time so my blog and crochet (for the time being) is my hobby, my sanity and my  salvation. The making of something beautiful and concentrating on the outcome to overcome troubled times. My “Look what I made” and my “Wow… can you believe it – I’ve been nominated for an award! I must be doing something right!” 😊

Two pieces of advice – passing on my penny’s worth

  1. Be true to yourself and honor your work. If you’re gonna write a blog post, make it real. Bring it to life. Tell the story it deserves. You don’t have to write pages and pages (sometimes a little is more than enough), but honor your subject, be true to yourself and let us know what makes the subject special for you. Your enthusiasm will speak volumes.
  2. Read the blogs you follow. You can learn so much from others and get some interesting tips and tricks to those blogging dilemma’s and mystifying secrets. You can find all sorts of inspiration and insights into others expressions and postings. It’s also a great way to be social and find like minded people all equally supportive of your blog.

15 of my fav’s

Before I list the 15, I’d just like to say that I appreciate every one of my followers (I always follow my followers back) and I hope you do not feel offended if your blog is not listed below:-

  1. Tanglewood knots – Tami has got my vote (right back at ya), for all the positive vibes and great friendly support. Really grateful to have met a wonderful internet buddy.
  2. Emma Craft Projects – Emma always pops by to say hello and her blog is full of the cutest creations.
  3. Craft odyssey – Mrs P’s stories make me laugh out loud.
  4. Salty Mom – a DIY guru with wonderful ideas.
  5. My Crafty Musings – for all the beautiful colors and crafty inspiration
  6. The Crafty Mummy Blog  – Kasia’s crafty inspiration and wonderful photography – I honestly don’t know where you get all the time!
  7. Craft and other Crazy plans– Mrs Craft’s ideas, tutorials and stories are just superb.
  8. Lime Green Lady – TilleyB’s wonderfully unique ideas.
  9. Florrie and Rene – Vicki’s started a new site. Check out her beautiful card designs!
  10. LucyAnn and Luna – LucyAnn is currently working on a very unusual project. I’m quite keen to see what happens next…
  11. A Hook and Happy Heart – I was so inspired by your stickers and and planner things, I just had to jump in and set myself up a bullet journal too.
  12. Pleasant Plushies – Rachel’s blanket looks so soft and inviting
  13. Funky Air Bear – Being a runner too (although not having done so in a while due to my foot ops), I enjoy the mixture of exercise and creativity stories on this blog.
  14. Amanda crochets – The patience of Amanda’s posts on crochet tutorials deserves an award. Spreading the love of crochet and teaching others to do so too.
  15. The Rainbow Junkie – Jane’s use of color in all her projects. I’m also very jealous of her beautiful garden!

That’s it folks – sorry it took such a long time to get this out there. I was away in London the weekend and had very little time or access to WiFi.


See you later alligator…

In a while crocodile… Eeeek 😊 We are off on a holiday to South Africa and super excited to see family and spend some time in the sun. It’s been a long 4 years since our last visit and I cannot wait.

My bags have been (mostly) packed for over a week already and most likely overweight on the baggage allowance but yet I’m still adding things to the case in the hopes my case weight judgements are better than my body weight judgements (go figure). I’m also struggling to find the “safe” hiding places of things I mentioned months ago I’d be bringing with (and to ensure I didn’t leave it behind, stored in the  said “safe” place). The more frustrated I get at the glaring un-ticked packing list items the deeper the crevices of the elusive safe places become. I’m destined to be consumed by massive black holes the night before I fly. 😋

My case is filled mostly with gifts for the family and of course crochet & craft supplies. I plan to catch up on some crafts with my Mom (of course). I’ll be putting my Etsy Shop on holiday for the time I’m out and am looking forward to updating you with some African crafty adventures, if not during the stay definitely on my return. If you do need to get in touch, please do message me on the Contact page and I will reply to you as soon as I can (or as soon as I’m able to drag myself out of the pool) 🏖.

If only I can work out how to travel with ALL my craft supplies and ALL my yarn, because leaving someone behind is always so hard. (Especially when you’re a me and imagine discovering thousands of miles away – “No, I need that ‘thingy-ma-bob’ so decide it’s gotta go too, despite the weight)

I’ve included a photo of my case as this just has to go down as a form of art (which I’ve made all by myself by the way) considering all the arguments I’ve had with it and it’s contents to conform with its rigid shape and weight restrictions.

The other photo is of a purse idea I’ve started making and will most likely be working on in the plane. The Pattern I used is for a doily (flat) I’m not too sure I can work this into a purse shape but I’ll have plenty of time to try figure it out whilst flying over UK’s miserable weather.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by!

First blog post

This is my very first blog. I am still very new to this blogging “thing” – but decided it was time to find a home for all my homemade items. I am still learning quite a  lot – all these new terms “widgets” and such – but give me time I’ll get there 🙂

I hope you like my work. I have recently started selling items on Etsy, which is kind of a new experience for me. I usually make things and give them away to friends and family. I wanted to use this site as a form of record of the things I made, am making and also give you some insight into my upcoming projects.

Rather a bit like putting all my eggs in one basket I’d say 😉

Happy Days 🙂