May’s Daisy Blanket – WIP

I came across the beautiful Tillie Tulip blankets whilst looking for something to occupy myself with while I wait for the arrival of the stuffing to finish Mauroon. The pretty floral blanket gave me an idea for a Christmas gift for my MIL. (May is amazing at 90 years old but I am quite sure she will not see this post, if you do – please do not mention it to her either). An artist and gardener alike I feel she will love the colours and hope she will enjoy the warm gift. I have really enjoyed making the squares so far! If you’d like to make your own, find the tutorial for the Daisy here, and the additional rounds here. I’m using a 4.5mm hook with Caron Simply Soft, colours Sunshine, White, Soft Green, Robins Egg. I will update you once the blanket is completed.


This weeks’ WIP

This last week has been a bit of a write-off for me. Having blood clots discovered in my leg on Monday (scary) and given even scarier medication it has been somewhat of a struggle to say the least to motivate myself to leave the safe haven of my bed. Putting my leg to the ground for any period of time is as I described to my friends ‘a battle with gravity’.  So with leg a min 10cm above my hip (Dr’s orders), it has been virtually impossible for me to do much other than feeling very sorry for myself and trying to sleep off the side effects of it all.

I had started on *Mauroon (combination of the name ‘Maureen’ and the colour ‘Maroon’) before I had gone to the hospital last weekend and have managed to concentrate on her sweet face for a bit. I’ve unfortunately run out of stuffing so she will have to wait a little while to be finished… I’ve just had the strangest thought:- her legs are deflated whilst mine are swollen and stuffed – haha.  I had quite a lot of fun working on her patches and just had to show you her sweet little face which has kept me company this week 😘

Whilst looking through some of my favourite crochet magazines and websites for something to make, I found a pattern for colour stripe gloves which caught my eye. I have quite a lot of left over yarn from blankets I’ve been making and as you know by now, I just love colour and these would definitely brighten up my winter days which seems to have suddenly crept upon us…

Unable to decide which was better, I fumbled  about, sort of combining ideas from the Attic24’s wrist warmers and the Cherry heart‘s stripy mits pattern and have begun to merge a version of my own.  Depending on the outcome when finished –  I may land up making a few more of these for sale – so keep an eye out on my Etsy shop (or contact me) if you’re interested 😊.


WIP – Blueberry Ellie

I think my recent blue mood must be affecting me in some way ☺️ Feeling very drawn to the colour blue and strangely enough -blueberries! I’m imagining butterflies dancing off her nose or a rainbow appliqué across his belly 😉 who knows how this cutie will end up! Contact me if you would like to home Blueberry Ellie.


*Giraffe – WIP

As promised – an update on my latest project, *Giraffe. So eager to get on, I have found myself being super engrossed, busying myself with making notes (creating the pattern), ripping out rows and redoing them (aka “Frogging” in Crochet world) and of course, rubbing out pencilled notes for rows which have been deleted…. This weekend has whizzed by – I have hardly noticed it!

I’m very excited to show you my progress on *Giraffe…

Obviously Saturday night Giraffe was looking a little like a strange rattle (with eyes) (kinda creepy?)… but by this evening, *Giraffe is looking a little better…

Deep breaths… here we go –

Still got tons to do – Can’t wait to see the completed *Giraffe.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Top Secret! WIP…

This post you wont find on the WIP page – this is a top secret blog post…

If you’ve been to my home you’ll know that I just love giraffes and have several dotted about  in my home… In fact, I even have two very tall wooden giraffes who traveled with me (next to me in fact) on an airplane coming back from South Africa one year!

It’s not surprising that when asked the other day if I’d be able to make a giraffe – I just jumped at the opportunity – why hadn’t I thought of it before? It’s a no brainer – combination of my love for crochet AND making a giraffe!

I decided to have a go at designing a giraffe myself – and have started off with several sketches and ideas… I have no idea how it’s going to turn out (yet) – but I understand amigurumi and that I will need to write down each step I do if I ever want to make another oh, and plus I’m super keen and excited to have a go, I will give it a go and keep you updated… (no doubt)

Here’s a the “final-final” drawings I’ve done (which if you’ve read my Legal stuff page you’ll know may change over the course of this process and land up being the not -so-final-final page) to give you a sneaky peak of what I hope *Giraffe will look like 😉


Giraffe WIP – design stages