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I love crocheting blankets❤️

The stitch by stitch progress – what’s it going to look like? The excitement at the end ‘Wow! Look what I made!’ The joy you see in recipients faces. Not to mention how it keeps you warm in those cold winter nights when you’re making it, once you’ve got a few squares sewn together ☺️

My Gran was always making blankets and I think I inherited her love for it. I remember as a young girl on my school holidays sitting with her crocheting. Her blankets have become legendary in our family. I hope someday mine will be remembered fondly too.

I started off after a long break from crochet, since I was a girl in fact by reintroducing myself to crochet with a subscription to a magazine which over the year sent instructions and yarn to complete a square at a time. I was hooked by the time the squares were sewn together and the embroidery complete.  I could not wait to get started on another!


I made a blanket for a ‘baby-to-be’ at the time which, a few years later is still his favourite blanket!

Toby’s blanket

Researching next projects I found the wonderful Attic24 packs including pattern and yarn and had great pleasure in making the colourful blankets. I completed the Harmony and Ripple last year.

Earlier this year, my sister was having a terrible time and being far away from her I was desperate to comfort her. I enjoyed the design process and poured my heart into making *Lisa’s blanket. I spent months making the squares. I hoped it would help her feel the love I feel for her and hope she knows that whenever she needs a hug – she just need wrap the blanket around her ❤️

* Lisa’s Blanket

For my next blanket I am sure I will design again myself and try take some inspiration from the blankets my gran made.

Ill keep you updated with blankets I’m doing with my blog posts and list them here.

October 2016 – present

May’s Daisy Blanket ; Two Neon Blankets for Charity ; Mom’s Daisy Blanket


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