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Over the Winter months it became a bit of a habit… Coffee from my favourite coffee bar. It started out slowly.. “I’ll just have the one”… and pretty soon it was morning, afternoon and night. I landed up getting myself one of those coffee mugs which will in some way save the planet from all the card cups. But I still found the mugs too hot to hold and did not like the feel of the silicone sleeve adorned on my mug.

I love yarn. I love tea. And at the time, I loved coffee VERY much. (I still do love coffee but have had to ween myself off the caffeine for my running – but that’s another story). I crocheted myself a cup cozy to hold my mug as I sipped in mouthfuls of the heavenly drink. I soon realized, there must be others out there who felt the same and so set about making… well… quite a few!

Christmas time was great fun! I started recognizing the cosy’s that I made on the High Street which made me feel so proud. I had made every cozy ’til then totally random and each one was unique. Preparing for Christmas though, I used 3 basic designs and made a few of each – because I’m quite sure there would be more than one person wanting a Santa Belly Crochet Cup cozy.

All this talk of coffee… I think I might just go make myself a cup.

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