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I’ve recently discovered that my doctor has been booked off ill long term. Of course, I can see other doctors, but my doctor has become an important woman in my life and no-one knows me as well as she does. Not only is she my doctor, but my friend and confidant. She knows me inside out (literally, if you think about it). She’s probably the best doctor in the world and even a better friend. She’s helped me through some really tough times and has always offered the very best care and treatment, whether that’s a much needed hug, a cup of tea or through her tenacity and determination in doing the best for me whilst dealing with other medical professionals.

I decided to attempt to lift her spirits and hopefully get her back on her feet. She needs to know that I care for her and that I wish I could help her as she did me. Some may say that I’m trying to entice her back to work for my own selfish reasons mind you, but honestly, yes, it would be nice to see her again back at the helm of Nina’s health, but not if she’s unwell herself.

I decided to make her a pot of tea. A hug in a cup so to say… I went to Iris and Dora and selected a pottery tea-for-one set to paint. Inspired by some beaded lavender flowers I got on my recent trip to South Africa, I wanted to do a lavender theme. Pottery painting is SO much fun and incredibly relaxing! Listening to the tunes from the record player whilst painting sure makes time go by incredibly fast and before you know it, you’ve done your 3 coats of paint…

Once completed, the lovely people at Iris and Dora whisk the pottery away to be fired in their kiln. A few days later, the glazed and baked finished set appeared….

Being a crocheter by heart, I could not resist making a little tea pot cosy which gives the whole design a completely different feel…

Tea-for-one with *tea cosy on

I cannot wait to give this to her and sure hope she recovers real soon!


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