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Now that Christmas is over, I can reveal the crafty gifts and things I’ve been up to over December.  I never feel comfortable writing a blog post about presents due to be received, in case surprises are ruined. That’s the nice part of Christmas for me. I love the giving of gifts, but even more so when they are homemade…❤️

Not all of my crafts this year has been gifts. I have been making decorations and gift tags too.

First of all, using a video tutorial on Instagram (see my Instagram post here: MadeByNina_ post ) I was inspired to make some all important gift tags. I was blown away to have been mentioned on Love Crochet ‘s Instagram page.

So quick and easy to make, I landed up making dozens and may have to keep the left overs for next year!

Next on my to do list, I’d decided to use the free gift found in the “Inside Crochet” magazine. The yarn supplied colours were unfortunately not to my taste, so I used my own yarns in the same green and red used for the tags. They’ve turned out beautifully and I was once again so pleased to have been featured on Inisde Crochet Instagram story!

I’ve also gone to do a bit of pottery painting at Iris and Dora again this year… this time, I chose a Christmas tree tealight holder. I just loved how this has turned out 😊

Here’s some snaps from start to finish:

[wpvideo 0yjBIzLO ]

Now for the gifts 🎁

Using a pattern I found on Ravelry, I used the same ‘design’ to create two different items. I made a Grey shawl for my good friend Jo and a Cream Cowl for another good friend, Helen.

Jo’s Shawl:

Jo's Shawl for Christmas

Helen’s Cowl:

Last but not least,  the Daisy blanket I made for my mum.  You may recall the blanket I made for May ( May’s Daisy Blanket). I remembered that my mum loved this blanket, and so I set out to make one for her too. She didn’t at the time know who it was for and as we usually do about craft things, I was sharing WIP photo’s with her, getting her opinion on the layout of the squares, which colour to use to sew it all together, etc. I left a little of it as a surprise for her, she didn’t know which layout I was using or which border I was doing and she didn’t know it was for her 🙂

That’s it folks – not a lot done this year unfortunately.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! 🍾


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