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My first listings on Etsy. All of them have become so precious to me – I’m not really sure how I will feel once they are scooped up for gifts by buyers, but I know they will go to a good home…

My thanks to the pattern author Little Abbee. After my initial purchase of the pattern I discovered this little bear to be quite popular and landed up making several for friends and family. I soon realised – this bear is way too popular and will make a beautiful gift for anyone. I offer customisation and personalisation on my Etsy store so these guys could go home with a rose or a fabric patch…  Or even a sunflower 🌻

The bears are so well liked that I also bought Little Abbee’s elephant pattern and have been working on a few of these too… I mean,  everyone needs a pink elephant 💕, right?

I was asked about other animals and well, I have some great ideas and my knowledge in amigurumi is growing day by day, so who knows what’s next! I was so incredibly proud of designing my very own *Bunny! Floppy ears, great ol big feet and little pink nose… I hope you like the toys I’m making – please let me know what you think and should views turn into sales – please visit my Etsy shop (link found on the footer).

As always – thanks for stopping by!



Here is a collection of the first bears I made:

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