Pottery Painting for Christmas

Not so long ago I was invited to an evening pottery at a local pottery business called Iris and Dora. Iris and Dora host parties for kids (or adults) where you get to choose from over 100 bisque pieces ranging from mugs to egg cups, tea candles to Christmas ornaments and get to decorate with paint to your hearts content. The parties are great fun, especially for creative souls like me – you can bring your own wine and snacks, or have a coffee or tea and the shop is always filled with like-minded friendly creative people. I’ve met a few new people and glad to say a few new friends and always feel welcome.

I wanted to make Jeremy a Christmas present.  I had in mind a bowl for him to store his ever growing amount of chillies – he loves them but usually has them scattered about all over the place and cant find them.

I started out painting one ‘abstract’ chilli on the side and although it looked ok, I had this creative spark and felt I just had to fill  the whole bowl with chillies 🙂

I had to return a few times after the initial 3 hour party and landed up spending 13hours in total painting (and that’s not a complaint) I landed up having a great time with my new friends at the same time. Once sat down to paint, amazingly the hours would fly by and I was reluctant to go home!

Once finished with the painting, the bowl was taken away to be dipped in glaze and fired in the kiln. While waiting for the potters to fire the bowl ready to collect, I was trying to source a collection of fresh chillies to put in the bowl to wrap up for Christmas. One hot Christmas present I’d say 🙂

I’m really pleased with the outcome (have you noticed its even in Christmas colours!) and think I may have discovered another creative avenue which I could really get into!

J's chilli bowl glazed and fired ready for Christmas

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are preparing for celebrating the close of 2017 and welcoming in of a fantastic New Year with style!


Mom’s Rose 🌹 *Coin purse

As you may have noticed on my Bits ‘n bobs page, my mom loves roses. So it didn’t take much to know what sort of design details would need to be included in a purse for her when my sister contacted me to request a custom purse which she and Lae would give to my mom as a gift.

I made the purse whilst recovering from my foot op. The first of the rose purses made, using 100% cotton Sirdar yarn using soft pinks for the roses and an off white/beige for the purse base. Made and given with l❤️ve 💕


Pink ‘n Black *Coin Purse with Bow

A custom order for a young lady who loves pink ‘n black. I don’t always have a clear image of what a purse will look like when it’s done. Especially when I’ve been commisssioned to do something I’ve not done before. I usually have about 4/5 ideas in mind at the same time and people often ask for something the same as I’ve made before,  so I love receiving a project which makes me think outside the box… a challenge! My brief was a ‘A pink purse with black accents please‘.

I had a think about it, kept having images of black beads over the pink crocheted fabric, went to local craft shops to source the beads – make sure they looked pretty against the yarn. Tried black crystal beads, tiny seed beads, shaped angular beads, but eventually settled on these. I played about with a couple of versions, one pink with a black butterfly (as seen in the previous Pink ‘n Black *Coin Purse post) and this one with a bow, but my client preferred the bow. Originally I used a pink floral with a white background fabric on each but it was just not working for me. So I got some black florals in a few days later and was so pleased the fabrics matched! It all came together in the end and made me realize that sometimes it pays off to fret over the smaller details. 😌 I think these purses have turned out to be pretty classy purses for pretty classy ladies and I hope Saskia enjoyed her Christmas gift!


Navy with red floral *coin purse

One of my biggest fans and a big supporter of my work, a family member and a good friend, someone who visited me often following my foot operation, a lady who is full of life and has a wonderful sense of humor and whom I get on so well with… Thank you for all the great chats Belle, I really do appreciate your company! I hope your Purse will come in handy for small keep sakes and that it will always remind you of the wonderful times together. I couldn’t resist giving you a purse for Christmas after all our chats about them!  Wishing you all the best for 2017. Much Love! ❤️


Rose *Coin Purse

The recipient of this *coin purse is very much loved and I know she will be reading this blog  post. I want her to know that I think of her often and am too very grateful to have you in my life. Faced with some pretty ‘bad luck’ this year, I wanted to send a little pouch of good wishes,  filled to the brim with big hugs and many hopes that 2017 has a turn around for the better.

Much love to you Fran xx


Blue *Giraffe

Wishing all my blog readers a Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve all had a magical day filled with love and laughter! 

I’ve been so excited to share with you the handmade creations that has kept me busy over the last month, so please  forgive me if it seems the upcoming posts appear ‘behind the times’,  I have been saving these for ‘post Christmas reveals’ to avoid ruining Christmas gift surprises. Who better to start off with than Blue *Giraffe – (aka Hugo) whom you saw WIP posts for but not the finished article.

Blue *giraffe was especially made for and requested by a loving Grandmother for her new grandson, Hugo. On the 26th November 2016 (a month ago today) this little fellow, finally finished, began his epic journey travelling to half way across the world from Guernsey to Australia. With the wonders of technology these days I was able to track his journey from my local post office, via the U.K. Postal Airport with the sporty ‘passed customs’; ‘loading on gate 4’; ‘enroute to Australia’ notifications… I imagined him sat in first class sipping on some blueberry champagne, on the lookout through the windows for his new home…

He landed up with the cutest expression (don’t you think?) a sporty buzz cut and a cheeky medley of fabric star patches. I think he will melt anyone’s heart. He has a heart with ‘Hugo’ embroidered (by me) and little tiny star buttons sewn on. This blue *Giraffe  is going to be a fantastic companion to Hugo and with a little luck, the best imaginary friend he will have. I wish him all the best and much love in his adventures with Hugo and hope he brings many a cuddle, laughter and plenty a shoulder to cry on for the new baby boy. ❤️

Peacock feather *coin purse

Well of course I made purses as Christmas gifts this year!  🎄 No surprise there! So here’s the second “post-Christmas-reveal” post of one of the purses given as a gift this year.

Peacock’s are known for their beauty and grace. They symbolise a large range of things across the various religions, but astonishingly all appropriate for the recipient of this purse and my wishes for her and acknowledgement of her personality traits:-  renewal, wisdom, beauty, prosperity, benevolence, patients, kindness, compassion, luck and humanity. ❤️

I loved making this purse, used a pattern for the feather which I purchased online and decorated with an embroidery swirl with beads and a crystal tear bead hanging from its clasp.

Christmas past 🎄

This evening as I’m finishing off my Christmas gift crafts I’m remembering all the crafty projects over the years that I’ve made. Many without a photo but the memories are there nonetheless, the decorations made hanging and the gifts given all remembered fondly.

Hand made items are so personal and when a lot of love and thought goes into making them it is very hard not to forget them – even if given away and no longer in your sight. Equally, recipients of hand made gifts are often stuck with the items for life – whether they like it or not – just because it serves as a constant reminder of a very thoughtful individual. When you spend hours, days weeks or months working on an object, every thought and feeling remains in your heart and you too as a creator will always remember your creation.

Making handmade items is my passion, has become my obsession and has been my salvation/ sanity on many a time. A little bit of me is in every piece made, but every piece made has also burrowed itself deep into my heart. Being creative has helped me through many many difficult times and kept me focussed on creating something beautiful out of dark periods. 

Here’s to all the crafters out there (which includes EVERYONE ’cause anyone can be creative!) a job well done and keep up the good work – and if you’ve not been tempted already.. go on.. have a go… make being creative a goal for everyday in 2017!

 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of crafty cheer and a Happy New Year filled with ideas and crafts for a lifetime…

Tis the Season to be Busy… 🎄🌟🎅🏻

Did you sing that? I bet you did!! 😊

I do apologise for the late update readers and fellow craft bloggers… besides being quite busy with custom orders (and of course my day job), I was asked by my customers not to display the finished works I’ve been creating for obvious secret Christmas present reasons… so its been a bit of a slow burner trying to find a story to tell you without stepping into anyone’s plans… despite the excitement of finishing off something amazing.. (don’t you just love Christmas? -I cannot wait for all the recipients of the lovely gifts to see their handmade gifts!) SO exciting!!

Between it all I have managed to start on a couple of purses which I hope to finish on time for Christmas, to add to my listings on my Etsy Shop

Living in the northern hemisphere  is so different to the Christmas’s I had growing up. Christmas in those days meant cold meats and salads followed by my Mom’s famous trifle and always, ALWAYS a watermelon in the pool cooling off and bobbing about, inviting us in for a swim after presents were opened. Of course we had the traditional decorations (snowmen, Father Christmas, fake snow, trees lights etcetera.. et set era..) but dressed in the coolest cotton dress I could find and always over our bathing suits because even if we happened to be at my Gran’s house without a pool (watermelon in the fridge) a hosepipe and a sprinkler was obligatory. Christmas day was usually the hottest of the year! It’s unsurprising then that I have thought of watermelons of late… I’m missing ” old home” and although Christmas here is beautiful and so much MORE than I expected, I do miss Christmas with my family and especially the warm days… I’m from Africa people.. I do not cope well with British Winters :)…

In steps *Watermelon coin purse which I hope to have finished soon…

Can you see it yet?

Watermelon *coin purse

Another little purse I’ve been working on is this one inspired by elegant balls and Christmas time parties which happens this time of the year… Hot pink with butterfly *coin purse

Lastly a small reminder:- I will only be taking custom orders for Christmas delivery up until 1 December. There are a few items on my Etsy shop and I will update it with new stock as and when I can (after custom orders are filled).

Thanks for stopping by!


*Coin Purses galore…

I’m so glad to show you a few more completed purses on the eve of a momentous occasion – my cast comes off tomorrow! Hooray!  I am really enjoying making these and the ideas for pretty purses are flowing in thick and fast 😍

In order of completion please find my latest creations all of whom will be found on my Etsy Shop shortly…

Strawberry and cream

Forever Spring garden

Cherry Blossom

Excluding Mays birthday purchase, don’t you think the purses made so far look adorable together?

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog – have a super week 💐