Blue *Giraffe

Wishing all my blog readers a Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve all had a magical day filled with love and laughter! 

I’ve been so excited to share with you the handmade creations that has kept me busy over the last month, so please  forgive me if it seems the upcoming posts appear ‘behind the times’,  I have been saving these for ‘post Christmas reveals’ to avoid ruining Christmas gift surprises. Who better to start off with than Blue *Giraffe – (aka Hugo) whom you saw WIP posts for but not the finished article.

Blue *giraffe was especially made for and requested by a loving Grandmother for her new grandson, Hugo. On the 26th November 2016 (a month ago today) this little fellow, finally finished, began his epic journey travelling to half way across the world from Guernsey to Australia. With the wonders of technology these days I was able to track his journey from my local post office, via the U.K. Postal Airport with the sporty ‘passed customs’; ‘loading on gate 4’; ‘enroute to Australia’ notifications… I imagined him sat in first class sipping on some blueberry champagne, on the lookout through the windows for his new home…

He landed up with the cutest expression (don’t you think?) a sporty buzz cut and a cheeky medley of fabric star patches. I think he will melt anyone’s heart. He has a heart with ‘Hugo’ embroidered (by me) and little tiny star buttons sewn on. This blue *Giraffe  is going to be a fantastic companion to Hugo and with a little luck, the best imaginary friend he will have. I wish him all the best and much love in his adventures with Hugo and hope he brings many a cuddle, laughter and plenty a shoulder to cry on for the new baby boy. ❤️

*Mauroon Giraffe

Ta – dah! Mauroon is finally finished! With her fabric floral patches and maroon colouring – she won’t survive without being spotted on safari, but with such a cute little face she’s bound to brighten up anyone’s day and find sanctuary in someone’s home. *Mauroon (named so as a combination of “Maureen” and the colour “Maroon”) is the second giraffe I have made. She’s had a few adjustments (as one does when creating things) since *Gina the Giraffe and I’ve even been inspired by her for my next soft toy. But before I get ahead of myself, here’s some photos of the sweet little *Mauroon:-

*Gina the Giraffe

Meet *Gina the giraffe… Gina has survived a rather lengthy design process (don’t tell her that  I’m still not entirely sure she’s quite ready – that elusive “something” is missing… or not quite right….) but she has been a very patient giraffe indeed and I think she’s desperate to say hello. She’s had 4 body shapes, 3 ear shapes, she’s had a heart nose a triangle nose, two dots for a nose and no nose at all …her patches have changed several times: different sizes, shapes, materials and yarn colours. She’s had no mane, a long mane and even had a hair cut… Poor ol girl has even been subjected to reviews and (*cringe*) sometimes unsuitable comments for giraffes-in-the-making to be heard as I’ve pondered on the various aspects of her design to my husband “are you sure she doesn’t look like a horse?”…. She sure has been patient and deserves a medal for putting up with her designers constant changes.

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Gina the Giraffe Gina the Giraffe - side view Gina the Giraffe - back view