Mom’s Rose 🌹 *Coin purse

As you may have noticed on my Bits ‘n bobs page, my mom loves roses. So it didn’t take much to know what sort of design details would need to be included in a purse for her when my sister contacted me to request a custom purse which she and Lae would give to my mom as a gift.

I made the purse whilst recovering from my foot op. The first of the rose purses made, using 100% cotton Sirdar yarn using soft pinks for the roses and an off white/beige for the purse base. Made and given with l❤️ve 💕


Pink ‘n Black *Coin Purse with Bow

A custom order for a young lady who loves pink ‘n black. I don’t always have a clear image of what a purse will look like when it’s done. Especially when I’ve been commisssioned to do something I’ve not done before. I usually have about 4/5 ideas in mind at the same time and people often ask for something the same as I’ve made before,  so I love receiving a project which makes me think outside the box… a challenge! My brief was a ‘A pink purse with black accents please‘.

I had a think about it, kept having images of black beads over the pink crocheted fabric, went to local craft shops to source the beads – make sure they looked pretty against the yarn. Tried black crystal beads, tiny seed beads, shaped angular beads, but eventually settled on these. I played about with a couple of versions, one pink with a black butterfly (as seen in the previous Pink ‘n Black *Coin Purse post) and this one with a bow, but my client preferred the bow. Originally I used a pink floral with a white background fabric on each but it was just not working for me. So I got some black florals in a few days later and was so pleased the fabrics matched! It all came together in the end and made me realize that sometimes it pays off to fret over the smaller details. 😌 I think these purses have turned out to be pretty classy purses for pretty classy ladies and I hope Saskia enjoyed her Christmas gift!


Navy with red floral *coin purse

One of my biggest fans and a big supporter of my work, a family member and a good friend, someone who visited me often following my foot operation, a lady who is full of life and has a wonderful sense of humor and whom I get on so well with… Thank you for all the great chats Belle, I really do appreciate your company! I hope your Purse will come in handy for small keep sakes and that it will always remind you of the wonderful times together. I couldn’t resist giving you a purse for Christmas after all our chats about them!  Wishing you all the best for 2017. Much Love! ❤️


Pink with White Rose *Coin Purse – WIP

Following all the Christmas creations I feel less pressured to complete works to a deadline and have started getting back to all those “ideas” I had. One of which is a light pink purse, with a spray of White Roses. I will be doing some bead work on this one and looking forward to see the finished product (so that I can get onto the next one)…

Pink with White Rose *Coin purse - WIP

Rose *Coin Purse

The recipient of this *coin purse is very much loved and I know she will be reading this blog  post. I want her to know that I think of her often and am too very grateful to have you in my life. Faced with some pretty ‘bad luck’ this year, I wanted to send a little pouch of good wishes,  filled to the brim with big hugs and many hopes that 2017 has a turn around for the better.

Much love to you Fran xx


Pink ‘n Black *Coin Purse with butterfly

I can’t believe we have such little time left until Christmas!! I have got to get a move on with my Christmas gifts, running seriously behind schedule and still struggling to think of ideas for J. However, I’ve managed to finish another purse (which I’m sure J won’t want), which I’m allowed to share with you as it is not part of any order destined to live wrapped up under a tree for a while waiting to be opened. I’ve got so many ideas for purses – just very little time to keep up with the creating of them 🙂

I’ve made this *Coin purse with the glamour of Christmas parties in mind where one would only require a small purse. The finished purse measures approx 4 inches tall by 5 inches wide, has a heart clip frame and a bronze ‘made with love’ charm. Decorated with a pink crochet butterfly and an inner lining with a complimentary design.  All my *coin purses are made and stitched by hand.

If you are interested in this or any other item I have made, please visit my Etsy shop for the available stock on hand. I am unfortunately not taking anymore orders for Christmas delivery, but will happily take orders for the New Year here.

Please remember to pop by after Christmas for a view of the works I’ve made for Christmas gifts which I’ve been unable to show off now 🙂

Watermelon *Coin Purse 🍉 

I finished this cutie late last night whilst watching my favorite TV series ‘The Gilmore Girls’. As mentioned in my previous post (‘Tis the Season to be Busy ) this purse was inspired by my homesickness and longing for a normal hot Christmas 😋

The finished purse measures approx 4 inches tall by 5 inches wide, has a silver frame and a silver ‘made with love’ charm. Decorated with embroidered seeds and clear beads (representing water drops) and an inner lining with a fruit design (Riley Blake fabric). All my *coin purses are made by hand and stitched by hand.

The purse will be available to purchase online via my Etsy Shop.


*Coin Purses galore…

I’m so glad to show you a few more completed purses on the eve of a momentous occasion – my cast comes off tomorrow! Hooray!  I am really enjoying making these and the ideas for pretty purses are flowing in thick and fast 😍

In order of completion please find my latest creations all of whom will be found on my Etsy Shop shortly…

Strawberry and cream

Forever Spring garden

Cherry Blossom

Excluding Mays birthday purchase, don’t you think the purses made so far look adorable together?

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog – have a super week 💐

Birthday week WIP’s

Thanks once again to all those who sent well wishes, telephone calls, cards and gifts this week! A special thanks to my wonderful husband who organized a wonderful birthday party and to all those who came! I had a wonderful birthday and feel very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! 😘

This week I have been working mostly on purses (mostly between Birthday visitors and my favourite…opening presents 😉). I have so many purse ideas blowing around so was mortified when my only tapestry needle snapped yesterday which means I will have to wait to sew these beauties onto their frames – but glad to have the opportunity for you to see a couple WIP’s.

My cast is due to come off this week (hooray! 🎉) and sadly I’m also due to return to the grind stone aka WORK and leave my somewhat clostraphobic comfort zone. I’ll have a fancy new contraption I call the ‘moon boot’ to replace the cast and be forced to head off out the front door – Shock! I’ll actually have to leave home for a few hours and cringe do things non-creative for a few hours (how will I cope after all this time?) 😝
Ps – I’ll keep you updated on plans to spruce up the moon boot 😊

Other purses completed this week:-

*Coin Purse

My mom is usually the first person I turn to for crafty advice and know how. We love doing creative things together and bounce ideas off of each other.  I really look forward to our visits (which aren’t always that frequent as she lives millions of miles away on another continent). When we do see each other though, we usually make things together and plan endless creative days (usually next years’ Christmas presents) and catch up on missed time. Luckily the internet and the modern mobile phone phenomenon does help with the distance situation- I’m forever sending off photos to her of current WIP’s ‘Which do you think is better?’ And she’s usually got some pretty fantastic ideas and wonderful suggestions. Tweaking on projects can take days and several Mom consults.

The *Coin Purse is no exception. The coin purse was originally an idea from my mom of something we could make on our visit last year. My mom tried her best with an order for a coin purse craft kit but unfortunately the supplier was rather awkward and uncommitted on delivery (or customer service for that matter) and so we put it off until I see her again next year.

However, seeing the purses pop up again on Pinterest I’ve been eager and a little desperate to have a go. And so here we are again – miles apart, running through ideas over Whatsapp.

There are various patterns for coin purses on the internet and one in particular which simply says ‘as an experienced crocheter, if you can make a cylinder shape, this shouldn’t be a problem for you’ and so I decided – why not and went for it. My mom of course sent me a pattern too which was surprisingly very much what I had done already:- queue in gold star for Nina…

Once the crochet cylinder is made – it’s only half way done. Adding a lining (I cannot lie) is tricky! And then there’s the sewing the fabric layers to the coin frame – which I can only describe as being ‘Aaarggghhh’…

BUT… persevere fellow crafter as after the trauma of successfully sewing on the clip, you then get to the REAL FUN bit!! FUN, Embellishment and decoration and all things pretty and colourful. Staple MUSTs for any MadeByNina thing.

I’ve made two purses so far… Pretty Christmas gifts don’t you think? How about you? How are your Christmas preparations going?

Oh – I forgot to say…  there will be purses on my Etsy Shop sometime soon.