Navy Teddy Bear

A soft toy which I really enjoy making is the little Teddy Bear. I was asked for a Teddy in a bright bold colour (like Red, Green or Blue) rather than the softer colours I used before. The bear would be going to a little boy.

I loved the Navy I found in the bottom of my yarn stash and decided to give it a go. Once he was started, I just knew that this was the perfect colour for this bear. 

I tried making a white nozzle, which I felt was too bright. I also made and tried a lighter blue, but in the end an “all Navy” bear seemed the best. 

I made a contrasting  removable bow tie (secured with a little blue button) and used a little red heart shaped button next to his tail.

I hope he will bring lots of love to the little boy he’s destined for.

Charlotte’s Bunny

I do love making soft toys. I find such pleasure in making them:  watching personalities appear and once the final stitch is made – the joy of seeing the completed toy come to life.

I made this *Bunny for baby Charlotte who recently found her way to this world and brought her parents so many wonderful smiles. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and can confirm that she is gorgeous. Quietly drinking in the world with big baby eyes. Long pink fingers curling around soft baby blankets and the gorgeous ‘new baby’ aromas wafting in the prams wake. Nothing compares to new babies. She has her mums eyes and ever so slightly her dads ears. Baby features change so often from mum to dad and then back again.  Luckily for Charlotte as she grows older either parents features would see her through as a beautiful girl.

I hope her *Bunny brings her plenty of imaginative escapes and a friend to hold onto through thick and thin.

Charlottes *Bunny was made with Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter 100% cotton yarn.

Rika’s Rose *Bunny

I’m always amazed that despite using the pattern I wrote down for myself to reproduce another, every bunny I’ve made is completely different when compared to the one before. Then again, why shouldn’t they be different? They’ve all had different start dates; have been made with a different purpose; invariably all have different colouring and even different fabric patterns. Then there’s the personalities. I’m not sure everyone sees the human qualities I see in the soft toys, but perhaps it’s something to do with where I’ve placed the eyes, the ears or the nose… no matter how I try, I just cannot get an exact match to a previous toy. They all have a different ‘look’ about them, some more cheeky than others. I shouldn’t really fret about it though,  that’s what makes handmade things ‘unique’, ‘individual, ‘special’.

My aunt Rika loved the bunnies I’ve been making and wanted a bunny the same as the first bunny I’d made (see the bunny pictured on top of the Soft Toys page).  As luck would have it I’d run out of the pink yarn I used before and that specific pink had been discontinued so I’ve had to try a same brand, different pink for the nose and toe pads. The pink is a deep Rose colour, and would not have worked with the the soft pink and blue fabric of the first. I chose the pink fabric with deeper pink tones to it which I felt worked well with the deeper pink nose. I will no doubt experiment with pink yarns but, with my departure date to visit family I had to go with what I had.

Since the first *Bunny, I have too, gained a proper ‘pompom maker’ – a free gift with a crafty magazine I was given over the time I was off with my foot op.  Four plastic half circle shapes that fit together. The yarn is wound around the shapes, snips made along the center, yarn tied around the middle and voila, a super fluffy ball is born which for some reason, beats my hand made card board pompom maker hands down on fluffy appeal! ☺️

How do you like her? Can you spot the differences?

Blue *Giraffe

Wishing all my blog readers a Merry Christmas! I hope you’ve all had a magical day filled with love and laughter! 

I’ve been so excited to share with you the handmade creations that has kept me busy over the last month, so please  forgive me if it seems the upcoming posts appear ‘behind the times’,  I have been saving these for ‘post Christmas reveals’ to avoid ruining Christmas gift surprises. Who better to start off with than Blue *Giraffe – (aka Hugo) whom you saw WIP posts for but not the finished article.

Blue *giraffe was especially made for and requested by a loving Grandmother for her new grandson, Hugo. On the 26th November 2016 (a month ago today) this little fellow, finally finished, began his epic journey travelling to half way across the world from Guernsey to Australia. With the wonders of technology these days I was able to track his journey from my local post office, via the U.K. Postal Airport with the sporty ‘passed customs’; ‘loading on gate 4’; ‘enroute to Australia’ notifications… I imagined him sat in first class sipping on some blueberry champagne, on the lookout through the windows for his new home…

He landed up with the cutest expression (don’t you think?) a sporty buzz cut and a cheeky medley of fabric star patches. I think he will melt anyone’s heart. He has a heart with ‘Hugo’ embroidered (by me) and little tiny star buttons sewn on. This blue *Giraffe  is going to be a fantastic companion to Hugo and with a little luck, the best imaginary friend he will have. I wish him all the best and much love in his adventures with Hugo and hope he brings many a cuddle, laughter and plenty a shoulder to cry on for the new baby boy. ❤️

Little Harvey *Bunny

I’m very pleased to introduce you to Little Harvey *Bunny. The little fellow was a custom order and is going to a special baby boy.

 I must admit (showing my age), I did not know who the famous ‘Harvey the Bunny’ was! At first I Google-searched images to understand what I was being commissioned to do and I was faced with some pretty scary looking bunnies indeed… I knew that couldn’t be right! Speaking with J, he went on to tell me there is no such thing as a ‘Harvey bunny’ and after some confusion on my part, he eventually told me the background story:-  “Harvey” a 1950 comedy -drama is now on my “must see” list and is about a man and an imagenary rabbit. 

This real Harvey has been made with the softest white yarn, with blue accents of a blue bow tie and a hand sewn “baby boy” fabric ear lining. He has a heart embroidered with his name  on and little blue stars.

I’ll be posting updates on my Christmas orders as soon as I am able to – watch this space 🙂

Back to Work WIP’s

Shortly after my *Coin Purses galore… post I was contacted and have several orders for purses (thank you). Only two ready made purses left on the Etsy Shop if you were interested.  Having been tied to the sofa for 7 weeks, I was so grateful for J taking me out to the craft shop, I got some fresh supplies beads, fabrics yarns bits n bobs and I’m really keen to get going – I loved walking through the craft supplies so many ideas popping, if it wasn’t for my foot throbbing I could’ve stayed  there the whole day!

So far I have completed a second *Forever Spring Garden Coin purse and started on a second *Green floral Coin purse

 I have also had a rather special request for a little something that is going to be travelling a VERY very far away… I think it’ll be better to not mention where or who it is for 🙂 This time of the year is always a little tricky I’d say!

Blue Giraffe - WIP

Inspired by a Vickithecraftaholic’s beautiful pillows post I also took out the extra squares I made from the Harmony blanket and have decided to make a pillow with them… I’m still undecided if I should keep the cushion or give it as a Christmas gift… after all – I’ve already got the Harmony blanket!

Harmony Pillow - WIP

Going back to work this week has meant I have had a few projects unfinished … erm… in progress… but my red moon boot hasn’t had a look at yet, I’m struggling with working out how to “pretty up” the boot… I’m quite sure I wont have that many stares in public if I could just work out how to integrate it into the normal world… maybe a bit of crochet would help… ?

Red Moon Boot

*Mauroon Giraffe

Ta – dah! Mauroon is finally finished! With her fabric floral patches and maroon colouring – she won’t survive without being spotted on safari, but with such a cute little face she’s bound to brighten up anyone’s day and find sanctuary in someone’s home. *Mauroon (named so as a combination of “Maureen” and the colour “Maroon”) is the second giraffe I have made. She’s had a few adjustments (as one does when creating things) since *Gina the Giraffe and I’ve even been inspired by her for my next soft toy. But before I get ahead of myself, here’s some photos of the sweet little *Mauroon:-

Rose *Bunny 🌹

Rose is a customised floppy eared *bunny and was requested for and is going to a lovely home in South Africa! She has kept me company over a tough weekend, back and forth to the hospital and was a pleasant distraction when I managed to settle down to work on her. I love how each *Bunny; Bear ,Ellie or Giraffe made has come out with its very own personality and it’s quite clear that no two are the same… similar, but unique in their own way!  She has brought me great comfort and I am sure she will be doing the same to her new mum soon! 💕

Blueberry Ellie

Introducing the sweet little Blueberry Ellie. She has a very sweet nature about her. Initially she had a few butterflies on her nose, but they were distracting her too much and so they were shooed away. One little butterfly however floated about and is dancing with her tail! Handmade with love and I’m assured is going to a loving home 🙂 Find her and an overview of all the other soft toys I’ve made on my Soft Toys page.


Blueberry Ellie