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Thanks once again to all those who sent well wishes, telephone calls, cards and gifts this week! A special thanks to my wonderful husband who organized a wonderful birthday party and to all those who came! I had a wonderful birthday and feel very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! 😘

This week I have been working mostly on purses (mostly between Birthday visitors and my favourite…opening presents 😉). I have so many purse ideas blowing around so was mortified when my only tapestry needle snapped yesterday which means I will have to wait to sew these beauties onto their frames – but glad to have the opportunity for you to see a couple WIP’s.

My cast is due to come off this week (hooray! 🎉) and sadly I’m also due to return to the grind stone aka WORK and leave my somewhat clostraphobic comfort zone. I’ll have a fancy new contraption I call the ‘moon boot’ to replace the cast and be forced to head off out the front door – Shock! I’ll actually have to leave home for a few hours and cringe do things non-creative for a few hours (how will I cope after all this time?) 😝
Ps – I’ll keep you updated on plans to spruce up the moon boot 😊

Other purses completed this week:-

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