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Butterbrickle *Card Purse – doesn’t that name sound awesome? I was thinking of calling it “Peppermint Crisp” *Card Purse, however, looking at the name of the yarn (for future reference) I just loved how the word “Butterbrickle” sounded and rolled off the tongue .. a new word to me… I just had to use it for the purse. Soft caramels and beiges, mixed with wisps of sea greens and blues… a very sweet combination!

Turns out, on research Butter Brickle was actually an ice cream flavour originally made in the 1920’s in Nebraska. Later in the 70’s, a famous American candy bar maker bought the rights to the Butter Brickle flavouring and so the “Heath Bits ‘o Brickle Toffee Bits” bar was born. I’ve never heard of this before and sure would love to find a tub of the ice cream 🙂

I only had one ball of this yarn, unfortunately. I bought the yarn on my recent trip to South Africa. I was told by the owner of the shop that the yarn has been discontinued so I would not be able to find another of the same kind. This purse is therefore also only one of a kind unless of course, I find a supplier of similar colour mix or if you know of anyone with a stash of “Elle Premier Natural Cotton DK” I’d be happy to do a trade.

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope your weekends have been filled with family fun!


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