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Etsy emailed me to let me know that they have given me a whole bunch of free listings in my Shop so that I can stock up with some Christmas supplies. Well that just got me all in a spin. I will never be able to fill the listings making purses by 18 October. I’m just not that organized 😝

With my re-joining a consistent running routine I’ve had a little time to think about it and well an idea struck me like lightning on one of the many pre-run preparations:- The earphones I take with to listen to my favourite running play list are constantly causing delays and frustration. No matter what I do with them on my return from a run, the next time I get up to go, the earphones are in a tangled mess and it takes an age to sort out. I remember seeing a post somewhere, ages ago for cable ties, which gave me an idea…

I started out making one for myself and have been using it with great success and excitement. As people started noticing it, they’ve asked me for one too and so the tiny spark of an idea has boomed into a full blaze Christmas stocking filler gift idea – which would also be perfect for the Etsy listings. So I made the earphone “Extraordinaire’s” (😆) and to make the deal sweeter for my customers, also include a pair of earphones (good quality I’m assured) all wrapped in a Christmas organza bag. Perfect stocking fillers for Christmas gifts I think 😊

If you’d like one or more (I don’t quite know which I’d choose myself – but perhaps the novelty buttons might give you an idea to match personalities)

Must warn you though – don’t delay – visit my shop before they’re all gone! 😉

Here’s how they work:Earphone *Cable Tidy - how they work




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