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This evening as I’m finishing off my Christmas gift crafts I’m remembering all the crafty projects over the years that I’ve made. Many without a photo but the memories are there nonetheless, the decorations made hanging and the gifts given all remembered fondly.

Hand made items are so personal and when a lot of love and thought goes into making them it is very hard not to forget them – even if given away and no longer in your sight. Equally, recipients of hand made gifts are often stuck with the items for life – whether they like it or not – just because it serves as a constant reminder of a very thoughtful individual. When you spend hours, days weeks or months working on an object, every thought and feeling remains in your heart and you too as a creator will always remember your creation.

Making handmade items is my passion, has become my obsession and has been my salvation/ sanity on many a time. A little bit of me is in every piece made, but every piece made has also burrowed itself deep into my heart. Being creative has helped me through many many difficult times and kept me focussed on creating something beautiful out of dark periods. 

Here’s to all the crafters out there (which includes EVERYONE ’cause anyone can be creative!) a job well done and keep up the good work – and if you’ve not been tempted already.. go on.. have a go… make being creative a goal for everyday in 2017!

 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of crafty cheer and a Happy New Year filled with ideas and crafts for a lifetime…

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