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My mom is usually the first person I turn to for crafty advice and know how. We love doing creative things together and bounce ideas off of each other.  I really look forward to our visits (which aren’t always that frequent as she lives millions of miles away on another continent). When we do see each other though, we usually make things together and plan endless creative days (usually next years’ Christmas presents) and catch up on missed time. Luckily the internet and the modern mobile phone phenomenon does help with the distance situation- I’m forever sending off photos to her of current WIP’s ‘Which do you think is better?’ And she’s usually got some pretty fantastic ideas and wonderful suggestions. Tweaking on projects can take days and several Mom consults.

The *Coin Purse is no exception. The coin purse was originally an idea from my mom of something we could make on our visit last year. My mom tried her best with an order for a coin purse craft kit but unfortunately the supplier was rather awkward and uncommitted on delivery (or customer service for that matter) and so we put it off until I see her again next year.

However, seeing the purses pop up again on Pinterest I’ve been eager and a little desperate to have a go. And so here we are again – miles apart, running through ideas over Whatsapp.

There are various patterns for coin purses on the internet and one in particular which simply says ‘as an experienced crocheter, if you can make a cylinder shape, this shouldn’t be a problem for you’ and so I decided – why not and went for it. My mom of course sent me a pattern too which was surprisingly very much what I had done already:- queue in gold star for Nina…

Once the crochet cylinder is made – it’s only half way done. Adding a lining (I cannot lie) is tricky! And then there’s the sewing the fabric layers to the coin frame – which I can only describe as being ‘Aaarggghhh’…

BUT… persevere fellow crafter as after the trauma of successfully sewing on the clip, you then get to the REAL FUN bit!! FUN, Embellishment and decoration and all things pretty and colourful. Staple MUSTs for any MadeByNina thing.

I’ve made two purses so far… Pretty Christmas gifts don’t you think? How about you? How are your Christmas preparations going?

Oh – I forgot to say…  there will be purses on my Etsy Shop sometime soon.

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