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I was sure this was no.5, but thankfully I had written a Forever Spring Garden overview post which means this is no.6! I spent SO much time on this one! I doubt very much I’d be able to part with it… unless I made another that was even more work 😋.

My friends encouraged me to enter into the Guernsey 2018 Eisteddfod. At first a bit shy to do so, after some mulling over the idea it didn’t seem so bad after all and I thought, why not? I’d worked hard on this purse and it is all my own design. I contacted the Eisteddfod organiser to see if I still had chance to enter. Sadly, I had missed the entry deadline 😢. Oh well… there’s always next year, this one may still be around for it…. or will it 😝.

Forever Spring Garden – my kind of heaven – Spring all year long! If only!


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