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Sometimes life drops in a few surprises just at the right time… I love it when something falls in your lap especially when its a wonderful surprise present… Yesterday such a surprise dropped into my life and there was no way I could ignore it…. Coming out of the supermarket and back to the car, this poor fellow was lying on the ground wet, a little tatty and dusty, not far from the front wheel. Not sure how he got there – but he must’ve been dropped after we had gone into the shop. Lucky me! Lucky him! We found each other!  I just couldn’t leave him lying there! Besides a few scratches and bruises, he probably has no sign of ever been used!  So with a thank you for the surprise gift and a “put him in the car, J”… here he is on my dining room table..  ready for some love!


Christmas arrives in under 5 weeks (!) and for those who still want a custom order ‘Made by Nina’ gift, please contact me before 1 December.

This week I’ve completed two purse orders which I’m feeling quite proud about:-


And I’ve also been working hard on *Blue Giraffe order which I hope to have ready to post off to his new home on the other side of the world by next weekend!

How are your Christmas projects coming along?

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