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I am known by friends and family as a bit ‘OCD’ when it comes to organizing things. It’s no surprise, combined with my love for anything creative (including stationery, stickers and doodles) that seeing all my fellow bloggers posts on ‘bullet journals’ recently I was intrigued.

After seeing all the Pinterest, Instagram, Blog & Facebook posts on the subject I went about researching this concept to see if this would be something for me. There are many many posts on the World Wide Web once you get started and all of them hugely informative. The most important message from the collection of information is ‘make it yours – there is no right or wrong’.

Besides that it appealed to me from a creative point of view, I also learnt that running a bullet journal would help me stay organized with minimal fuss and ALL IN ONE PLACE. No more sticky notes here, cluttered shelf with notebooks for ‘this and that’ there.

An added bonus I suppose is that one keeps track of goals and things you do  everyday and often don’t even think about (habits/hobbies, good/bad) painting a picture of your year/month/week making use of various ‘collections’ and  ‘trackers’ (see, I’m already learning the lingo😋) which SooOOooo appeals to this so called ‘OCD’ side. Finally I can have an accurate view of how much coffee I drink in a week and exactly how many projects are on my to do list.

I was hooked by the time I saw the third post with all the little doodles and tracker plans and tips (DROOL)…and then there’s the stickers and decoration (DOUBLE DROOL)

And so, here it is… I have started and have set out and prepared the first month for my very own Bullet Journal… investing in a little time to organize my world in one place. I can’t wait to get started 😁

Happy Days 🙂

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