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I finished this top for myself in July 2016. The weather is getting better by the day here and I was hoping to take it out for wearing. Only problem it seems is that the lovely Mr Weatherman (who has now been fired by the way) told us over the TV today that the coming week will be pretty cold. Compared with the temperatures in the beginning of April, next week is looking to be more Autumnal – so much for Spring!

Being a 70’s child I just love the granny square and of course all colors. I’m pretty much a rainbow girl through and through. I came across this  pattern  on Etsy and fell in love – I just HAD to make this top for myself.

Unfortunately the pattern is not very clear regarding finish instructions. I just assumed that you’d have to make two panels for the front and back because the pattern abruptly finishes after making enough Granny Squares for the one side only. I must also warn you that if (like me) you are a little larger than the average teenage girl of about 9-14 years old, this top does need to be extended because it is a very small fit and not quite the “one size fits all” version they’ve shown on the pattern. Either that, or the women in the 70’s were miniatures. And lastly, if you are contemplating making the top for yourself – please be warned – you’ll need a LOT of yarn which means that it worked out quite costly to make.

I love making clothes for myself and feel quite proud wearing my works. Do you make clothes for yourself and if so do you wear them?

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