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The popular *Cherry Blossom design returns in a beautiful shade of Jade.

Warmer weather has eventually made its way to Guernsey and I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful days to try and get some exercises in and hopefully shift a few of the long winter pounds added to my figure (mind you my “winter spell” of exercise break has been over 2 years since my first foot operation). I’ve been making the most of the weather and going out on morning/evening jogs and walks around Guernsey. This new found energy I must say has, although very good for the headspace, left me after a long day at work with a strong desire to continue making the most of the outdoor weather and so J and I have been having evenings outside watching sunsets and it has also encouraged earlier bedtimes, unfortunately forcing me to neglect my crochet work a bit.

As you may know, running is my other love.  I was devastated 2 years ago being told that I’d need both feet operated on and I’d most likely not be allowed to run again. The views I come across whilst on jogs or walks are what make it for me, and they can honestly be so amazing that you don’t mind the pain of a run. We live in a truly amazing world and people often don’t get to see the beautiful views the world around has to offer. It is so humbling to come across a view that even if you’ve been in the same spot 100’s of times, in a certain light the view can be breath taking and you just know it will never be the same again. And so I take my phone with me on my trails and I try to share the beauty over Facebook / Instagram. If you are on Instagram and are following me, you may see some of my photos “views on a run” from places I’ve captured on my travels.

But please do not worry: I am being careful and when I say “jog”, being back to it over 2 years of no exercises, my “jogs” are more of a “run-walk-splutter-walk-jog” at the moment and no longer than 30minutes. Following doctors orders re my feet, I’m not planning on doing long distances again and definitely no competitions and only doing this for me.

It was on one of my jogs, a morning that started out quite foggy that I thought of using green. The *Cherry Blossom design has proved popular in Blue, Pink and Yellow so far.

 The beautiful soft green shades in Cambridge park inspired me. IMG_1860And so the Jade Cherry Blossom *Card Purse was born.

As you will know from previous posts, ALL proceeds made in my shop until 1 July I am donating to my sister, Lisa. Lisa has had numerous operations over her young life and the last being an internal prosthesis stretching from her thigh to her ankle in her (only) leg, being rather scary. I want to make her day and give her some pennies to plan for something special, something to look forward to.  Thank you for the purchases made already, I have just under £90 to give her so far!

This purse will also be in my shop soon and is also included in my shop event for Lisa.

Thank you for visiting! HAPPY SPRING!



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