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Ever have an idea and just have to let it roll even if you’re not entirely sure it’ll work out as it starts to take on its own design? Well I can categorically say this is one of those times. The outcome, not entirely as I saw it in my mind at the first planning stages has, thankfully, turned out not too shabby and I’m pretty pleased with it.

Considering the time spent on it I’m sure this one has tested me the most (and I’ve not yet shared with you all the purses I’ve made). Especially when self doubt creeps in. Usually this happens after spending hours on making that ‘one green leaf’ that just doesn’t seem to want to be a green leaf and the endless frogging and unpicking, restitching and re-crocheting. That’s the point when you start to wonder… are the colours what you’d planned?  Not quite. Do the roses need more colour? Maybe. Start over? Erm…

I’ve found that once you start on something it’s difficult to stop though. Your plan adjusts (sometimes derails completely)  but that’s when the ‘I’ve come this far, let’s see what happens if I did this instead of throwing away the hours spent on it already?’ starts. And so, the design drifts into its own and before you know it, the purse is complete. As it turned out, not quite as planned (hugely disappointing to the OCD side of me) but pretty awesome nonetheless.

Sometimes, I suppose, you just have to let plans slide and go with the flow.

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