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Well, it’s the first day of Spring and I’ve been busy with even more *Coin Purses which I hope to add to my Etsy Shop on time for the weekend.

I cant say that it looks too Springy in Guernsey though, its been foggy, hailing and raining and generally glum weather so far (see the foggy morning photo at Victoria Tower in Guernsey). However, there are flowers about, for instance the Daffodils in Candie Garden (picture taken on my morning walk to work) and blossoms of other sorts appearing on the trees and shrubs around Guernsey.

(Both photos taken by me and on my Instagram)

The crochet WIP’s I have been concentrating on this week are:- Yellow Cherry Blossom *Coin Purse, Blue Cherry Blossom *Coin Purse III and the Doily *Coin Purse. I still have hopes to start on and complete another Pink Cherry Blossom *Coin Purse, but we will have to see how the week pans out.

The Cherry Blossom *Coin purses are my favourite. I’m loving experimenting in other pastel colours.

You may recall my previous post on the Doily *Coin Purse. I had in mind that I wanted to use a doily to make a coin purse, but all the patterns I could find for doilies are for flat traditional doilies. The doily pattern I liked the most, is the Clea Doily Pattern by Maria Bittner. Armed with yarn, hook and pattern in hand I took the project with me on the plane to visit SA, hoping to be able to adjust the pattern mid-air (literally) to create a purse design.

I must admit that because I was on holiday, trying to figure out a mathematical problem to adapt the pattern, was not on my top priority, so the doily sat (after several frogging and several rub out of my notes) in my work basket for quite some time.

I’m pleased to report though, that I have eventually managed to work it out and have made a little “doily cauldron shape”  which I will now use to complete a *coin purse. I’m tempted to leave this one unlined, but I also think a soft calico and possibly a coloured ribbon threaded through the center would help bring it to a better “MadeByNina” standard ☺

If you’ve adapted patterns, let me know how it worked out for you 😊.

Happy Spring Day 🌼

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