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So do you remember the WIP I was making to hold my crochet hooks? Well… I’ve finished! Ta-dah! I’m rather chuffed with this little “purse”… I can see it being popular for new or “back-to-school-bies” as pencil cases too – but for now – I’m really happy with it and it being my favourite crochet hook holder…

To make your own if you wish, make 4 of your favourite granny squares (I chose the daisy granny), sew them together, add a zip then a lining and there you have it.. a ta-dah moment of your own. Or if you really can’t be bothered… contact me – I’ll be happy to make one for you too 😉

Second on my “finished” list is the Yellow credit card holder. Now available in my Etsy store. These little purses are proving to be quite popular. They hold more than 1 credit card at a time (if you wish), are easy and attractive to carry without a wallet and of course much safer than leaving your card in your evening purse on its own on a night out…

Which brings me to the third – a card holder I made for myself 🙂 – A girl has to “test-drive” the products she makes after all… As you know – I LOVE butterflies… little wonder why I made this one for myself 😀

 Lastly, a look at the WIP’s (obviously one finished – above)… I’m sure you can guess what the front one is gonna be!

September WIPs

Well folks – that’s all the news I have to report for now. This week will be my last at my temp day job and then its full on packing, starting a new perm job on the 23rd and then moving home (into my MIL’s) on the 1st… *yikes*

Wish me luck 🙂


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