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Did you sing that? I bet you did!! 😊

I do apologise for the late update readers and fellow craft bloggers… besides being quite busy with custom orders (and of course my day job), I was asked by my customers not to display the finished works I’ve been creating for obvious secret Christmas present reasons… so its been a bit of a slow burner trying to find a story to tell you without stepping into anyone’s plans… despite the excitement of finishing off something amazing.. (don’t you just love Christmas? -I cannot wait for all the recipients of the lovely gifts to see their handmade gifts!) SO exciting!!

Between it all I have managed to start on a couple of purses which I hope to finish on time for Christmas, to add to my listings on my Etsy Shop

Living in the northern hemisphere  is so different to the Christmas’s I had growing up. Christmas in those days meant cold meats and salads followed by my Mom’s famous trifle and always, ALWAYS a watermelon in the pool cooling off and bobbing about, inviting us in for a swim after presents were opened. Of course we had the traditional decorations (snowmen, Father Christmas, fake snow, trees lights etcetera.. et set era..) but dressed in the coolest cotton dress I could find and always over our bathing suits because even if we happened to be at my Gran’s house without a pool (watermelon in the fridge) a hosepipe and a sprinkler was obligatory. Christmas day was usually the hottest of the year! It’s unsurprising then that I have thought of watermelons of late… I’m missing ” old home” and although Christmas here is beautiful and so much MORE than I expected, I do miss Christmas with my family and especially the warm days… I’m from Africa people.. I do not cope well with British Winters :)…

In steps *Watermelon coin purse which I hope to have finished soon…

Can you see it yet?

Watermelon *coin purse

Another little purse I’ve been working on is this one inspired by elegant balls and Christmas time parties which happens this time of the year… Hot pink with butterfly *coin purse

Lastly a small reminder:- I will only be taking custom orders for Christmas delivery up until 1 December. There are a few items on my Etsy shop and I will update it with new stock as and when I can (after custom orders are filled).

Thanks for stopping by!


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