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This week I went in to hospital for foot surgery. I have struggled through a foggy cloud from the aftermath of anaesthetic so have not had much opportunity to be creative… However…

We have been pretty lucky with the weather recently, but as September draws to a close, the nights are starting to get a little cooler which poses a small problem for toes which have been left open to the elements with post op dressings (which will later be replaced by a cast in case you were wondering).

I was using one of my hubby’s beanie hats to cover the toes but this wasn’t working as the beanie would not stay put. With the anaesthetic fog slowly lifting I was rummaging around to find an alternative – “what about old socks?” people suggested, but old socks are just not big enough for ‘over-the-cast-cold-toe’ problems.

Hubby has been my super hero. What with the fetching and bringing and doing and making and soothing and just about everything else for me… I thought I might not add to his chores by sending him out into the world to seek out an oversized sock (especially considering his military-in-out in 5 minutes-top approach to shopping, with little to no chance of him browsing around a bit first to find “the one”) so decided to get myself out of my miserable state and have a go at making something to fit over … I’d make a proper ‘toe cosy’.

I’ve used left over yarn from a blanket I made before. It sure works a treat and I can honestly recommend toe cosies to anyone with a foot cast…. Mmm… I wonder if this will be a hit at the fracture clinic – I might just make a few spare to take with when I go to get my cast 😋

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