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This week has been a little strange. Hubby and I both not feeling 100% (although his chesty cough seems to have exploded into something far worse leaving him tied to the bed only rising occasionally for a cup of tea). It has also been his birthday this week – poor soul. No one deserves a birthday feeling miserable. The weather hasn’t helped much either. Deceptively sunny and bright from inside looking out, but step out of the front door and you’d better have had a cardigan with you. So much for Spring indeed!

I’ve made two purses this week and the Yellow Rainbow Heart *Card Purse being the first. I think you can tell that I was desperate to make the early part of the week a little more colourful and cheerful. For my Etsy shop visitors, I think you will recognise this purse in its *coin purse version. I suppose it’ll be hard to choose now that I have put a discount on the coin purse version … To buy it or this one to fit your credit cards … I am so sorry to do this to you 🙂

The next purse I made shall be revealed on my next post – something new – another design that’s been in the back of my mind for a long time.

Have a lovely Saturday evening  folk 🙂



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